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Arrival of foreign observers will help in transparent elections: Information Minister

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hasan Mahmud said, the interest of foreign observers in monitoring the election proves that the country is going to have a transparent, fair, participatory election and their arrival is very helpful for good elections.

He said this during an exchange of views with journalists on contemporary issues at the Ministry’s meeting room at the Secretariat on Monday afternoon.

Hashan Mahmud said, ‘Before the announcement of the schedule and the start of the election process, many people expressed many kinds of fears, there were different opinions about whether foreign observers would come or not. But now it appears that foreign observers from many countries have expressed interest in coming. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that India, Japan, Palestine, OIC and the Arab League will send observers in addition to domestic and foreign organizations including the European Union. That is, observers will come exactly as observers always do. This proves that in the country where the election wave is flowing today, the massive enthusiasm created among the people about the election, the people and the country are completely election-oriented.

He also said, because of that, those who were debating whether to send observers or not, have now decided to observe the election. I think that the arrival of these election observers is very helpful in conducting a transparent, fair, good election. Even those who want to disrupt the elections and are still calling for blockades to disrupt the elections have realized that a good election is going to happen with mass participation of the people.’

Pointing out that the Election Commission is working independently and strongly, the Information Minister said, ‘You have already seen that the Election Commission has taken some very strong steps, such as the transfer of OCs of various police stations, the transfer of UNOs and even the transfer of DCs. During the previous election commissions, there were no such large-scale transfers. Even the occurrence of DC transfer rarely happened once or twice. That is, the fact that the Election Commission is working completely independently and impartially is the proof of taking such steps.

Referring to the important role of the media in the elections, Hashan Mahmud said, “If the elections are held in a festive atmosphere, election news will be spread in newspapers, television and online media and if the election festivals are started in the villages, the level of this festival will increase and people’s participation in the elections will also increase.” .’

At that time, the Minister of Broadcasting said, ‘In the last two weeks, the prices of most of the products have decreased. Beef is being sold at 500 taka per kg in my area by miking, which was 750 to 800 taka a few days ago. Prices of vegetables and other products have also decreased. With India announcing to stop onion exports till March, the reason for the surge in the market is nothing but the manifestation of the dishonest mentality of some of our wholesale and retail traders.’

A sudden increase of 50 to 100 rupees per kg is not advisable at all. The consumer rights body launched a crackdown on this, fining 133 traders. This brought some order back to the market but not completely. But the price of onion will decrease very soon. Because, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud also expressed hope that domestic onions will start coming in the market within a week.


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