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Arrested during fake voting in Netrakona 3

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Authorities arrested three teenagers while casting fake votes in Netrakona. They were arrested while casting fake votes in the 12th Parliament Elections at Putika High School Center in Purbadhala Upazila of Netrakona-5 Constituency around 10 am today.

The three teenagers who went to vote fakely are between 15 and 17 years old. All of them have houses except in Putika village. Their names are not yet known.

According to police and local sources, three teenagers were casting fake votes at the Putika High School center in the morning Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Assistant Returning Officer said this incident. When Khabirul Ahsan saw them, he arrested them. Purbadhala upazila executive officer and assistant returning officer. Khabirul Ahsan confirmed this information.
The number of voters in Netrakona-5 (Poordhala) constituency is 2 lakh 70 thousand 699 people.

Central Awami League organizing secretary Ahmed Hossain with the boat symbol in this seat, Independent Mazharul Islam Sohel Fakir with the truck symbol, former Zabi VC Md. with the eagle symbol. A total of five candidates including Anwar Hossain are contesting.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Mazharul Islam Sohel claimed that the three teenagers were voting fakely in favor of the boat.


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