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Arrested after posting video of father’s throat cut on YouTube

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His 32-year-old son posted the video of the father slitting his throat on YouTube. Not only that, at that time the man gave a long political speech by showing his father’s severed head. The person has been arrested in this incident in Pennsylvania, USA.

Citing Pennsylvania government officials and court documents, US media CNN reported that a 32-year-old man named Justin Moon published the video of his father’s throat being cut on YouTube. After some time of publication, the video was removed by YouTube. The video has been viewed more than 5000 times. He was later arrested with a gun from a US National Guard base.

Justin Mone has been charged with murder and indignity to a corpse.

Justin’s father, Michael Mone, served in the US Army’s Engineering Corps. After Michael’s beheading, Justin made a video of his severed head. At that time, he gave a long political speech, the main target of which was the Biden administration. In the speech, Justin claimed himself as the President of America. At the same time, he said that under martial law, he is now the acting president of America. And his father called Michael as a ‘traitor’.

YouTube removed the video shortly after its release. According to the social media, the video has been removed due to violence.

The incident comes at a time when the American political scene is quite tense and questions about the responsibility of social media have also been raised. The head of a social media platform came under heavy criticism in the US Congress on Wednesday, where he had to be questioned for publishing violent videos.

Andrew McCabe, a former FBI deputy director and CNN law enforcement analyst, says, ‘It’s very troubling. A very exciting political season awaits us ahead.’

According to sources from the District Attorney’s office of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at around 7 pm local time on Tuesday, a man’s body was found with his head severed from the torso. The wife of the deceased reported the matter to the emergency number. The police went and found the body lying in the bathroom. But there was only Michael’s torso. The head was found wrapped in a plastic bag in the bedroom next door. Justin wasn’t there at the time. He went elsewhere in his father’s car. A chapati and a big knife were recovered from there.

Later, the police confirmed about the killer from the video. In the video, Justin Mone reads a written statement identifying himself. At that time, he said, his father has betrayed his country, who has been serving as a government official for 20 years. According to him, ‘America is rotting from the inside out. The far left is destroying our once thriving cities.’

Angela Watson, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, told CNA that Michael ran away from home and entered a Pennsylvania National Guard base 100 kilometers away with a gun. At that time he was arrested. However, he did not object during the arrest.


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