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Argentina’s path to the final is also easy, Brazil’s group is difficult

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Lionel Messi’s current club Inter Miami will be the final of next year’s Copa America at the Hard Rock Stadium, will Lionel Messi’s Argentina play in the final? The draw for the 2024 Copa America took place in Miami this morning, Bangladesh time. It is supposed to look like Argentina’s road there.

Argentina is in the same group with Chile, Peru in Group ‘A’. After getting through the group stage, Messi’s road to the knockout stage will seem easy. On the other hand, Argentina’s arch-rival Brazil’s group is probably the toughest group in this year’s Copa America.

The 48th edition of the Copa America will be held in the United States in June-July next year. The 2024 Copa America will begin with Argentina’s match against Canada or Trinidad and Tobago on June 20. It is believed that this could be Messi’s last tournament in the Argentina jersey.

Next year’s Copa America will feature six CONCACAF teams along with 10 South American teams. 16 teams will be divided into four groups, that was already known. The ‘first seed’ of each group, as well as the tournament schedule, are decided three days in advance. It was decided there, Argentina will be in the ‘A’ group, Mexico will be the first seed in the ‘B’ group, the United States in the ‘C’ group, and Brazil will be the first seed in the ‘D’ group! It also determined that the Brazil-Argentina matchup would not be possible before the final.

The road to that final is easier for Argentina than Brazil, at least on paper. Argentina have Peru and Chile as their partners in Group A. The winner of the play-off between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago will finish fourth in the group. Namely, Chile and Peru seem to be tough opponents for Messi, but the recent times are not going well for those two teams. In the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers, Chile and Peru are ranked 8th and 10th respectively in the 10-team competition in Latin America.

On the other hand, Brazil has got Colombia and Paraguay as partners in ‘D’ group. The fourth team in the group will be determined in a playoff between Honduras and Costa Rica. On the one hand, Colombia and Paraguay are doing quite well with young talent, while on the other hand, Brazil is not having a good time. The five-time world champions have only got 7 points in 6 matches so far in the World Cup qualifiers, their position in the points list is 6! On the other hand, Colombia is third in the list with 12 points, followed by Paraguay (5 points) and Brazil.

In Group ‘C’, another big team from the Latin region, Uruguay, has received the host USA. The remaining two teams in the group are Panama and Bolivia. Group ‘B’ consists of four teams – Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Jamaica.

Brazil has been a little more difficult than Argentina in the group, but why is the path to the final easy for Argentina? Because, the best two teams from each group will be in the quarter finals, there the teams of ‘A’ group will play with the teams of ‘B’ group. Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ group will also face each other in the semi-finals. That is, on paper, the only big obstacle for Argentina before the finals is Mexico or Ecuador!

And Brazil? The group is tough, they will face ‘C’ group at the beginning of the knockout stage. That is, if Brazil is the best in their group and reaches the knockout stage, and Uruguay is the best in ‘C’ group, then it can be assumed that the United States will be in the quarter-finals and Brazil will be in front of Uruguay in the semi-finals.


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