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Arakan Army occupied the base, BGP is coming to Bangladesh after fleeing

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Myanmar’s junta government is under constant pressure from insurgent attacks in various states. Min Aung Hlaing’s junta has lost control of large swathes of the northwest to rebels. They are retreating from Arakan Army (AA) attacks on the western border. In the meantime, one by one, all the military bases there are going under the control of the Arakan Army.

Private news service Radio Free Asia reports that the Arakan Army attacked another base of the Myanmar Border Guard Force near the Bangladesh border on Sunday. This attack was carried out with full military force on this base on the western border of Myanmar.

After the attack, unable to handle the situation, the BGP members ran towards the Bangladesh border. In the meantime, 229 BGPs of Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh and taken shelter. The matter was confirmed by the Public Relations Office of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on Tuesday.

On Sunday afternoon, the Arakan Army took over the base of Taung Po Let Yar.

Myanmar’s rebel groups are gradually attacking the junta forces. In three days, the rebels captured many important military bases of the junta forces. And 62 Junta soldiers were killed in this fight. The junta government has been disoriented by attacks by the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) and other armed groups.

Over the past three days, there have been widespread clashes in Sagaing, Magwe and Mandalay regions and Kachin and Karen states. According to Irrawaddy media, despite many attempts, the junta forces could not recapture Sagaing town from the PDF forces.

In the meantime, the junta tried to take over the town of Sewi Piay in Homalin, known as a gold mining area. But failed and stopped the campaign.

Earlier, the city fell to the People’s Defense Forces (PDFS) in November last year after prolonged fighting. According to media Irrawaddy, 400 junta troops launched an operation to retake the city. They came back unsuccessfully last Saturday. Many were killed.

Unable to suppress the rebels, the junta forces have started attacking educational institutions. A school in Demoso suburb of Karenni State was bombed on Monday. At least 4 children were killed. At least 10 people were injured.


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