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AR Rahman had suicide thoughts, but…

by Afonso
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India’s popular music director AR Rahman has been involved in controversy over several issues last year. Among them, he has become popular in this country by singing Kazi Nazrul Islam’s song ‘Karar Oi Louhakpat’ in a new melody. However, the fans did not see the composer in that way during that critical period. He did not comment anywhere. He was completely silent.

However, AR Rahman’s comments were heard in the new year. No, this time too he did not comment on that controversial issue. The singer spoke to the students of ‘The Oxford Union Debating Society’ in a recent event. Many kinds of issues come up in discussion with them.

It was there, the music director said, that his mother taught him how to face life’s failures. Bad times, negative thoughts can come out. There was a time in his life when he had a lot of negative thoughts.

AR Rahman still remembers those words of his mother. He still follows his mother’s advice every step of the way. Rahman said, ‘At a young age, the thought of ending myself (suicide) came to my mind. I had to struggle a lot to get myself out of that thought. At that time, mother told me, when I live for others, these thoughts will not come to my mind.

Singer A-o said that life is life if you live for someone else without being selfish. Setting the tone for someone or buying food for someone – if you think about everyone instead of thinking about yourself, negative thoughts cannot affect the mind.


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