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Apurba’s surprise in the middle of the sea

by Afonso
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A teaser of just 30 seconds, it has a charming scene. It appears that the actor is floating in a beautiful boat in the stormy sea! His dialogue is playing in the background. Saying, ‘Some relationships are like turbulent seas. directionless No root, no edge. Still we try to move towards the destination of love. But sometimes it’s late.’

This teaser went viral instantly after it was released on December 8. Various drama groups and personal walls started sharing on Facebook. Apurva and the related people continued to float in praise.

This is the teaser of the drama ‘Pathe Holo Deri’ of ‘Closeup Romantic Drama Festival’ under the banner of CMV. Zakaria is good at screenwriting and production. Starring Ziaul Farooq Apoorva, Tatini, Manoj Pramanik, Salha Khanam Nadia etc.

Nayak Apurba is a bit relieved after receiving unexpected appreciation from the teaser. He said, ‘When I get such a response from the audience, I forget all the troubles. It seems that our hard work has worked.’

Meanwhile, producer Zakaria Soukhin said, ‘I actually tried to capture the big canvas. Apoorva, Tatini, cinematographer Nazmul Hasan and everyone in the unit were totally united with my effort. On the other hand, the producer Pappu Bhai also had maximum freedom. All in all, the entire unit has done this work with incredible difficulty. That team work is bearing fruit since the release of the teaser. Hopefully, I will get more response from the audience after watching the whole play.’

Producer SK Saheed Ali Pappu said, ‘Pathe Holo Deri’ as the third and last act of ‘Closeup Romantic Drama Festival’ is releasing soon on CMV’s YouTube channel.


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