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Apu-fans’ Valentine’s Day begins!

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On Saturday (January 27), Apu Biswas suddenly wrote on social media, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Fans are a little surprised! But with a little attention, you can understand that it is basically a glimpse of the release of the heroine’s new movie ‘Trap – The Untold Story’. The trailer is going to be released today (Saturday)! And the film is releasing on the upcoming Valentine’s Day (February 14). That’s why Apu wished the fans on Valentine’s Day in advance. He also said that he will be on Facebook Live with the film’s team in the evening.

That is the work! Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury came live with director Deen Islam this evening. In other words, the hero and heroine appeared with the producer of the film. They chatted about Trap – The Untold Story. He said, February has not yet fallen, Valentine’s Day starts today (Saturday)!

Joy-Apu in another scene from the movie.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

Shortly after going live, the trailer of the film was released on Tiger Media’s YouTube channel. There Apu-Joy floats in praise in the comment room. In the trailer, this pair is seen in a very romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, there are also hints of the dangerous criminal world of cyber world. Actors Barada Mithu, Don and Jayaraj met. All in all, the story of the movie has progressed in romance, crime and science fiction genres. The story is written by Noor Jahan Begum. Background music is composed by Belal Hossain Chanchal and MA Rahman. Produced by DN Productions.

Earlier the movie was planned to release on Durg Puja. But it lags behind. Then Joy Chowdhury said about the film in Independent Digital, ‘This is a commercial film. Contains social messages. In the age of social media, we face many problems—those problems are the backdrop of this movie.’

Incidentally, Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury have teamed up for the second time through this movie. Earlier they were seen in ‘Prem Preeti Bandhan’ directed by Solaiman Ali Lebu. Meanwhile, Apu Biswas wants to take the business to a new level in the new year. On January 12, he launched the branch of cosmetics brand ‘Harlan’ in Aftabnagar of the capital. Her ex-husband superstar Shakib Khan is the director of this company. Apart from this, Apu has several new movie projects in her hands.

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