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Apu as Sheikh Hasina, fee 100 taka!

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Apu Biswas is the popular heroine of Dhakai movie. He has given several commercially successful movies in a career of almost two decades. In recent times, various personal matters have also been discussed. Apart from this, the movie ‘Lal Saree’ starring and produced by him was released last Eid-ul-Azha. Now the heroine gave good news to the fans again. She will be seen as Sheikh Hasina in a film directed by Salman Haider.

It is known that the director has given two names for the upcoming movie. One is ‘Sheikh Russell’s cry’, the other ‘I will go to mother’. Either name will be final.

The story of Sheikh Russell, the youngest member of Bangabandhu’s family, will come up in the film. Apu’s character name in it is ‘Hasu’. And for this role, the heroine has only received a fee of 100 rupees.

Producer Salman Haider said, ‘The plan is to make the movie from 2019. I will try to tell the story from Sheikh Russell’s point of view. But every character is important. In the selection of actors for all the characters, I gave priority to similarity in appearance, performance. The shooting will start from August 22. For now, preparations are underway.’

Regarding Apu Biswas’s 100 rupees, he said, ‘Apu did not want to take any remuneration for acting in this role. I added him to the movie for just 100 rupees.’

About joining the movie, Apu Biswas said, ‘After hearing the story of the movie, I agreed in one sentence. It feels good to be a part of this historical film. Hope the work will be great. Preparing for shooting.’

Apart from Apu, Aruna Biswas, Ziaul Roshan, Aman Reza and others are also acting in this movie. On the other hand, the producer also said that a child actor is being sought for the character of Sheikh Russell.


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