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Apple’s VR headset on the market

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Apple’s new Vision Pro virtual reality headset is now on the market. With the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality technology, various apps including Microsoft 365, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Loop have been provided. This information is known in the report of technology site Engadget.

According to Apple, the Vision Pro is primarily a productivity device. Therefore, the Microsoft apps on the device will make the various tasks of the users easier. But the apps won’t be the same as Apple’s iPad version. Virtual presentations can be practiced using the Microsoft PowerPoint app on the Vision Pro virtual reality headset. And Microsoft Excel app users can easily work and access files through various gestures. Apart from this, Microsoft’s Word app has a special focus mode for smooth writing. And in the case of Zoom meetings, there are digital avatars.

Apple’s new Vision Pro virtual reality headset will feature the use of Microsoft’s AI assistant Co-Pilot, which will allow users to perform various tasks through voice commands. Specific apps for Apple’s headsets are available in separate app stores. The price of the headset starts from 3 thousand 499 dollars.

Apple is also coming out with a cheaper version of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Since the price of this headset will be low, the cheaper version will not have an external display. This cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset will feature a slightly less advanced chip, which is offered in the iPhone.


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