Home Technology Apple has to calculate a large fine

Apple has to calculate a large fine

Apple has to calculate a large fine

Apple faces huge fines. The US tech giant has been fined 184 million euros ($2 billion) for breaking European Union rules.

According to Reuters, Apple has been fined for allegedly banning various music streaming companies from its own App Store. Of this, an initial four million euro fine is levied as a deterrent. And a fine of 180 million euros has been imposed as a deterrent.

Last year, the European Commission fined Apple for failing to provide users of Swedish streaming service Spotify and other services with information about payment systems outside the App Store. The case was filed by Spotify in 2019.

Last Monday, Spotify said Apple’s ban created an unfair business situation. A valid argument in this regard was presented in an antitrust case. Dutch antitrust authorities also used this argument in 2021 to decide a lawsuit filed by data app providers against Apple. At the same time, the US tech giant was ordered to stop such activities.

Meanwhile, Apple said to appeal against this fine. However, the case filed in the Luxembourg-based General Court, which is considered the second highest court in Europe, may take several years to be resolved. Until then, Apple will have to pay the fine and comply with the EU directive.