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Appeal of 561 candidates who were left out of the poll race

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Saturday was the last day to appeal to the Election Commission to get back the candidature of potential candidates whose nomination papers were canceled due to various reasons. On the last day, 130 people submitted applications to the Election Commission. A total of 561 applications have been submitted in 5 days. The hearing of the application will start from Sunday.

Applications were taken simultaneously on Saturday at ten booths set up temporarily at the commission. Earlier on Friday, 93 people appealed on the fourth day to regain their candidature. The Election Commission said that 431 applications were submitted in 4 days till Friday afternoon.

The hearing and settlement of these appeals will continue from Sunday to December 15. If the EC’s decision is not in favour, the candidates have the option of approaching the High Court. Earlier on December 5, the appeal application of the candidates whose nomination papers were canceled started.

Ashok Kumar Debnath, additional secretary of the commission said, those who have appealed in the right manner will definitely get justice.

After verification, the Election Commission canceled the nomination papers of 731 out of 2,712 candidates. And the nomination papers of 1 thousand 985 people were declared valid.

As per the schedule, December 17 is the last day for withdrawal of candidature after disposal of appeals. Symbols will be allotted on December 18. The 12th parliamentary elections will be held on January 7.


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