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Anti-Chinese William Lai won Taiwan’s presidential election

by Afonso
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The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has won Taiwan’s national elections. Through this, the party’s presidential candidate William Lai Ching-tey is going to become the new president of the country. He is known as anti-China. China branded him a ‘troublemaker’ ahead of Saturday’s national election.

British media BBC reports that Taiwan’s main opposition Kuomintang (known as KMT) has accepted defeat. This was said by the highest leader of the party, Ho Yu-Yeh. China has not yet responded to the results of the election.

Voting for the presidential and parliamentary elections began in the island nation of Taiwan on Saturday morning. It ends in the afternoon. The South China Morning Post reported that William Lai Ching had received 40 percent of the vote until last reported.

How Taiwan’s future relationship with China will be depends a lot on this election. Because these two countries have been facing each other on the issue of ‘autonomy’ for a long time. America has sided with Taiwan for geopolitical reasons.


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