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Another ‘Putin’ facing Putin

by Afonso
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Russian President Vladimir Putin was left speechless when he encountered an artificial intelligence (AI) version of himself. During a question and answer session at an event, he was asked what he thought about the dangers of AI. And the person who asked him this question also looked exactly like him. It has already gone viral on social media. Netizens are amazed.

At that event, his AI version told Putin, ‘Hello, I am a student at St. Petersburg University. I want to know, do you really have many ‘doubles’? And I also want to know, what do you think about the danger that this is causing in our lives?’

Putin was silent for a while after hearing this version of himself. Later he added, ‘I see you look like me. Talking like me. But I think there’s only one person who can be like me and speak in my voice, and that’s me.’

Artificial intelligence and deepfake technology are all over the world. In this situation, the presence of another Putin in front of Putin surprised everyone.

There is speculation in the Western media about Putin’s double body. They claim that due to the illness of the Russian President, his double is used. However, the Kremlin has been denying this allegation.


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