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An initiative to reform Dhaka’s traditional Lalkuthi

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Lalkuthi of Farashganj on the banks of Buriganga. This building was constructed in 1874 on the occasion of the visit of the Governor General of India George Baring North-brook to Dhaka. Rabindranath Tagore was felicitated here after winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926. In the course of time, Lalkuthi has lost its luster.

Plasters have fallen from carelessly lying lalkuthi, the color has become tarnished. In June last year, the Dhaka South City Corporation started the renovation of this historical monument. Wooden doors and windows are being arranged according to the original design, handicrafts are being displayed.

Dhaka South Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said that like Dhakagate, Lalkuthi will be an aesthetic sign while inspecting the renovation work on Wednesday morning. He said, all traditional structures will be preserved.

The mayor of South Dhaka said, ‘We are renovating the traditional structure as it was built. Photographs of old buildings have been collected, re-designed and recreated from those photographs.’

To ensure that the structure can be seen even from the river, the BIWTA has informed about removing the launch ghat in front of Lalkuthi in Old Dhaka. However, it has not been announced when it will be implemented.

However, Mayor Tapas has also urged to remove the launch ghat and parking lot of BIWTA, which has encroached on the beauty of Lalkuthi.

Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said, ‘Even though our road is occupied, it is seen that parking arrangements have been made. If the whole opens up we will create a massif with the river basin and Lalkuthi. People will come to see this traditional establishment. This structure can be seen from the river. It will be illuminated at night.’

Chairman of BIWTA Commodore Arif Ahmed Mostafa said, ‘If we want to move the installations which are at 45 degree angle, it needs time, a plan is also needed. It can be seen from the river. Like we have some structures in front, toll booth and a VIP seating area I think these things can be removed.’

Lalkuthi will return to its old look by May. It will be opened as a tourist attraction.


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