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Ami’s first film, Moylar Bhagade photo shoot!

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Filmmaker Kajol Arefin Ami is making a web film for the first time. The director, who came into the limelight with ‘Bachelor Point’, is bringing the web film ‘Asama’ at the beginning of the new year.

Its poster was released on the first day of the year. And with this he surprised the audience.

Because as seen in the poster, one of the main characters of the film, Tasnia Farin, is sitting on a dustbin in a glamorous outfit. Actors Tariq Anam Khan, Intekhab Dinar, Runa Khan, Ziaul Palash, Munira Mithu and many others are standing in the dirt right behind.

When asked about the story of ‘Asama’, Ami said, “In Asama, I mainly want to show the show-off story of the society. What we are not, but it is more skillful to show! I will show that in the film.”i am  Photo taken from Facebook

Tasnia Farin, the popular actress of the time, played the lead role in Asmay. Apart from this, there are also veteran actors Tariq Anam Khan, Monira Mithu, Iresh Zaker, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban, Runa Khan, Intekhab Dinar, Shahed Ali, Shaswat Dutt, Shimul Sharma, Lamima Lam, Israt Jahin Ahmed, Ziaul Haque Palash and many others in this film.

Mushfiqur Rahman Manju, Asmay’s producer and Bangor Chief Content Officer, said, “When Ami told me the story of Asmay for the first time, I immediately understood that he was going to make something great. This will be Bangar’s New Year gift for our visitors! We hope the audience embraces Asmoy like they did ‘Hotel Relax’ or ‘Female 3’.”

Note that in 2023, producer Ami produced 4 single plays and his first web series ‘Hotel Relax’. Among these, Hotel Relax has set a record as the most popular content in Bengal and the most successful content in the domestic OTT industry so far.


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