Home News Amilibia’s diary: Cayetana and the Galán de Tranvía

Amilibia’s diary: Cayetana and the Galán de Tranvía

Amilibia’s diary: Cayetana and the Galán de Tranvía

The reader I have out there knows very well the animosity, almost phobia, that I feel for this bad habit of politicians of not explaining how God sends his messages, his doctrine, his slogans and even his funniest metaphors, because this is how they contribute to the increase of chaos and confusion, which is how the staff is so confused. Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, a cultured woman and perhaps for this reason wasted in politics, has defined sanchismo as “the lies, the cockiness and the actions of the tram heartthrob.” Yes, there are trams in our cities, but what exactly does a tram hunk look like? Is it equivalent or similar to the municipal pool hunk marking the pack from the diving board on a holiday? The gallant who gathers material by dancing to “El chocolatier” at festivals? The gallant made in Torrent, playing straws while “patrolling” the city? The gallant in mode Oscar Puente bragging about your handicap at the Puerta de Hierro golf club?

I don’t know if Susanna Griso, an expert on gallants, has the answer, but she has precisely defined Óscar Puente as “the minister who is in all the fights, the parsley of everything that flares up.” More doubts, she shouted at the television. Only Arguiñano He could tell us if the parsley lights something up, but he is very busy preparing a stew broth for Gallina Blanca and can’t get it. If parsley really caught fire in the sense that you and I understand, we would be for the first time in the history of Monclovite governments with a minister/viagra or, if you prefer, with the ideal streetcar heartthrob, who is minister of Transportation.

And I don’t know (nor does anyone else, because with Him you never know) if this competition for the throne of Galán de Tranvía will be to the liking of the Apolo de la Moncloa, right, Cayetana?