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American fighter jet crashes in South Korea

by Afonso
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A US fighter jet has crashed during a training exercise in South Korea. The name of the fighter is F-16. This accident happened on Monday. However, the pilot managed to get out of the fighter plane safely. Reuters reported this information in a report.

The fighter jet took off from an air base in Gunsan, 178 kilometers south of the South Korean capital Seoul, South Korean state news agency Yonhap News Agency said. Later it crashed into the pita sea.

Reuters also reported that the pilot ejected through the emergency exit before the crash. Later he was rescued.

Crashing American warplanes is not a new phenomenon. Earlier, another F-16 fighter jet crashed last May. It also crashed during a training exercise. In addition, in November last year, an American warplane crashed off the coast of Yakushima Island in Japan. 6 US soldiers were killed in that accident.


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