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American-Canadian Wilderness: Journey from Hamilton

by Afonso
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Since the decision to travel by own car, I have done two leg trips immediately before it. Therefore, the same decision was upheld in this episode! I will drive with utmost caution considering our amenities and the overall condition of the roads! The rest was left in my hands and on the highway!

I have seen a lot of people leave their situation in the hands of others and travel! But I could not trust to leave my condition or situation in the hands of someone else! Driving for 9-10 hours straight is not an ideal driver’s job, considering the safety and convenience of the car and oneself on a trip as far away as New York. According to conventional highway driving practices, it is standard driver behavior to take a break to rest and observe the vehicle approximately every two hours, as well as the safety and convenience of vehicle occupants on the road. Considering everything, I thought I would drive the car that way. So even if it takes a little longer to run the cart, there is no substitute for utmost caution.

Me and all my family in this car; That means I will have a wife and two baby girls. A fatal accident on the highway would mean the end of my entire family existence in the far reaches of North America! Or two girls will be left without parents at the age of children! Since highway accidents in this country occur between high-speed vehicles, the results of the accidents are always dire! In daily radio-television-newspapers we often get the news of the death of all occupants of the car due to family accidents.

New York City of the United States, the capital market control center of the world through its own management as well as numerous think tanks-consultants such as the World Bank-IMF to maintain its own capitalist expansion around the world, New York City, the opportunity to visit that city is like fulfilling a lifelong cherished dream for any person in the third world! Who knows if such a purpose was rooted in my head! In common people’s language, the world’s economic center! Actually it is not. In short, it can be said that capital control is the heart of capitalists.

All the governments of America, the cradle of democracy, are always trying to ensure that this capital center is not touched. For example, the suppression of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in 2011 can be said. I will tell the details in the New York chapter.

The glamor of that New York metropolis, the reality of that city, the environment of that city, the residence, the ‘lifeless’ city of Hemant Mukherjee, what do ordinary working people and migrant people rush here in various legal and illegal ways! I have a little curiosity about these! However, although the main purpose of my visit was to visit all those areas and observe the surroundings, there were other supplementary purposes. For example; A family meeting with the head of the Lakhpur Group of Companies that I used to work for in the frozen fish export company in Bangladesh, who runs a large business and lives in New York, met with many others including Dipankar Dev, a personal friend from his residence in Khulna, met with some acquaintances from the Jessore-Khulna region. Meetings, and meeting with people associated with various mass organizations involved while in the country, these were.

Anyway, a week is scheduled to explore the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. The rest of the week will be spent visiting Washington DC, the capital of the United States, for one or two days, which is about four hundred kilometers southwest of New York City. It is about five or six hours by car. Southwest from Washington DC, our next destination is Charlotte, the state capital of North Carolina, where a gentlemanly Bengali friend of Hamilton’s, Kamal Chakraborty, lives on a job, to and from there, to take them to Myrtle Beach as planned. Charlotte is approximately 700 (seven hundred) kilometers further west-south from Washington DC, a seven or eight hour highway drive.

Charle (in American pronunciation) or Charlotte (in Asian or German pronunciation) is a major populous city in the south-central United States. Taking care of Charlie and the surrounding area, I will head straight south from North Carolina to Myrtle Beach, a popular tourist town on the Atlantic Ocean in the state of South Carolina.

Myrtlebeach is a hilly and creek-filled area on the Atlantic Ocean, about three hundred kilometers from Shirley. If you drive yourself, it takes about four hours. After a day of sightseeing in Myrtle Beach, it’s back to Sharle for a day or two break. Then plans to head home to Hamilton. Sharley to Hamilton is twelve hundred kilometres, a 13 to 14 hour drive on the highway with breaks. Part of this highway again passes through the highest peaks of the Appolechian Mountains, the famous highest mountain range in North America! In all those areas, some places are over two thousand meters above sea level. Highways are often closed or driving is difficult due to weather conditions!

A brief outline of my trip for this phase is ‘Hamilton-New York-Washington-Sharley-Myrtlebeach-Sharley-Hamilton’. A thousand and five kilometer shock in the highway and the destination. In this journey, the car will run only on highways for 350 to 4000 km. The rest is local travel to various destinations or running off the main route.

Start from Hamilton
Hamilton-New York-Washington-Sharley-Myrtlebeach-Sharley-Hamilton, all preparations for the long journey have been completed. Target persons in New York like my former company owner SM Amjad Hossain, personal friend Dipankar Dev, my wife’s grandmother’s friend from Dhaka Dental College Mina Saha (Mina Farah), two friends from Jessore and a few others have already been contacted and our travel plans confirmed. We have also confirmed our visit by talking to Canadian Hamiltonian elder Vism Kamal Chakraborty, who works and lives in Charle, one of the largest cities in the state of North Carolina. He plans to visit Myrtle Beach with his family. Meanwhile, the other two legs of the North American tour have been completed. The first leg consisted of an inland Canadian trip to Kingston, Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, then MontrĂ©al-Quebec City and back to his home in Hamilton via Ottawa.

The second phase was from Hamilton to the western border city of Canada, Windsor, to several cities in the western part of the United States, such as Detroit, Hamtramck, Ann Arbor, and the world-famous skyscrapers known as the “white city”. to the city of Chicago.

Returning home from the city of Chicago, after a week of rest and home and completing various necessary tasks, I will go east from Hamilton to the cities of Niagara, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse. This region is south of Canada and north of America. The topography and climate of both the regions are not completely similar, but there are some similarities. From there, we will visit New York, the commercial capital of the United States, Long Island region and some famous beaches. From there plan to explore New Jersey for one day. Then visit Washington, the capital of America.

Two days are scheduled for Washington. Then I will go to the city of Charle, North Carolina. From there, I will go to the world famous beach of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. Spend the day exploring Myrtle Beach and return to Charlotte at night. Returning to Charley, after a two-night rest to explore the town and nearby sights, drive straight north along the highway high in the Appolochian Mountains between West Virginia and Philadelphia states.

Canada's tourist attractions are Niagara Falls and Skylon Tower.  Photo: Author

The total time allotted to complete the three-phase tour is one month, maybe an additional two to four days if required. The girls and myself are off for two months of school and college summer, July and August! The month-long travel time is the last two weeks of July and the first three weeks of August. Distances by road for the previous two tours are Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City in the seven-day plan to the east; The total distance is more than 2500 km. Windsor-Detroit-Hamtramack-Chicago on the west side had to drive a total of 2,200 kilometers for a week.

In this trip, you will have to drive 5,500 km to travel eastward from New York-Washington-Charlotte-Myrtle Beach, and it will take two weeks. Because, our entire vacation planning is done by road. And the only hope for this road trip is Canada’s first car purchase, the long-time trusted 1997 Toyota Camry. The desire to travel by road is basically mine! Flying in the sky allows you to see only the destination. And if you go by road, you get a detailed idea about the destination with all the routes to go. One gets a direct idea about the geography of the entire region including travel routes, common people’s communication system, weather, local population, etc.

Before going, however, I did not think much about the plan to travel this road. I wanted to come back and tell everyone. Accordingly, my month-long journey begins without friends or relatives in my home town of Hamilton!

To be continued…


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