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America is always against me: Sheikh Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, I don’t think that I have to compromise with anyone to come to power. America is always against me, it doesn’t matter.

He said these things on ‘Let’s Talk with Sheikh Hasina’ aired on various private televisions including the verified Facebook of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajib Wazed Joy at 8 pm on Thursday (December 28). Center for Research and Information (CRI), Awami League’s research institution, organized the talk show.

CRI says, Awami League has always been giving importance to the young generation to build a prosperous Bangladesh. This is why Sheikh Hasina has again sat in face-to-face discussions with the youth.

At the event, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘I don’t think that I have to come to power by compromising with anyone. It doesn’t matter if Orato (America) is against me all the time. People power is great power. They talk a lot about the election. When they were questioned that the fire in the BNP train burnt the mother and child. Their mouths are closed in this regard. They themselves will have to pay for their double standards. This is the reality.’

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Our only natural resource is gas. When I came to government in 1996, many companies came with international tenders. American companies also extracted gas here then. Then there was a proposal that this gas should be sold. I objected to it. I have to pay for that objection. I was not allowed to participate in the 2001 elections. The conspiracy inside and outside my country became one. So there are things like that. They always want to interfere.’

‘Today they (America) raise questions about human rights. Talks about workers’ rights. Unfortunately, I did not look at my own country, I raised the Palestinian issue in the United Nations. Even when I went to the EU, I raised this question very strongly, Palestinian children and women are being killed, why is everyone silent now. America even vetoed the resolution of the UN Security Council twice to end the war. Life in America is not guaranteed. But they come to another place and inform.’

Prime Minister at 'Let's Talk with Sheikh Hasina' event.  Photo: CollectedTalking about the dream of Smart Bangladesh, the Chief Minister said, ‘We will run the state affairs using digital devices. It will save our working hours. Communication will not be a problem. Also I want everyone in our society to use digital devices. Now everyone is doing everything online from pension to paying bills. Even, the first time I came to power, we gave the social security program online. Now our 6 lakh 80 thousand boys and girls earn money by freelancing.

Asked whether the government has any big plans for the tourism sector, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘I have a plan that we will give a part to a foreign country. They will invest there. It will be open only for foreign tourists. Then foreign tourists will come to our country. Foreigners still come but they don’t get that chance. I had a discussion with Nepal about another matter. We jointly discussed how to improve tourism. Even with Maldives, we are discussing cruise arrangements. We are doing it but we need to do it more systematically. And the young generation like you also think about it. I want you to plan.’


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