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America has expressed concern over the news of election irregularities

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America expressed concern over the news of irregularities in the 12th National Parliament election. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller raised the concern at a regular briefing on Monday.

The US State Department said the US is concerned about the arrest of thousands of opposition leaders and activists in Bangladesh and reports of irregularities on January 7 election day. However, America is committed to establishing a free Indo-Pacific region, protecting human rights, supporting civil society and strengthening economic ties through partnership with Bangladesh.

Referring to the fact that the Awami League won the election, the statement of the US State Department said that the US also agrees with other observers that the election was not free and fair. Also, it is sad that all political parties did not participate in the elections.

Condemning the recent violence related to the election issue, the statement urged the Bangladesh government to conduct a credible investigation into these incidents and bring those involved under the law. Along with that, the country also called on all political parties to avoid violence.

Voting for the 12th National Parliament election was held last Sunday. Awami League won 224 seats. Apart from this, Jatiya Party won 11 seats, independent candidates won 62 and Kalyan Party won one seat.

In the meantime, some countries including Russia, China, India have congratulated Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for winning the elections.


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