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America-Canada Wilderness: Hamilton Introduction 1

by Afonso
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Since Hamilton is the starting point for this episode’s tour, a little introduction to Hamilton is necessary first. The reader should not be embarrassed when reading the travelogue thinking that where it started and where it is going! No matter where the Bengali-speaking immigrant community of Canada lives in the country, the name of the city of Hamilton in the province of Ontario is well known to most people. I don’t know the reason. It is the 6th most populous city in Canada.

First of all, what is the most prominent feature of this city? Dofasco, now Arcelor-Mittal Dofasco, has the world’s largest combined steel production capacity, and has had a global reputation since the early 20th century as the ‘Steel City’ for the company. That reputation still holds!

Also, since gaining “city” status, Hamilton has been known as “Canada’s Birmingham”, “The Bucket City”, “Ambitious City” and finally “Steel City”. History shows that there was a tendency to come to this city among the new European immigrants! I still find that a large number of newcomers from various European and Asian countries regularly come and settle in this city, as I did!

Prior to World War II, this city in the province of Ontario was the center of economic activity in the surrounding agricultural region. With easy access via Lake Ontario, Canada’s pioneers in colonization, and a legacy of intellectuals, this grand city sits on the Niagara Escarpment at the southwest end of Lake Ontario.

This city has another world famous identity! Who we know as the patented inventor of the telephone; It is the famous residence of the world famous British engineer, scientist and inventor Alexander Graham Bell. He came to Canada in search of fortune with his parents and settled in a small township called Paris (in Brantford County) not far from this city. Where his famous house is now preserved and displayed as a National Historic Site. The people of the region honored themselves by naming a section of Highway 403 between the cities of Hamilton and Brantford after him. This location is just a few minutes from the western part of Hamilton city.

Geographically, the city is located in the southwestern region of the province of Ontario. In the old area, the city again falls within the Golden Horseshoe area of ​​Lake Ontario. As the western end of Lake Ontario ends in this region, taking on a horseshoe shape. Also, the original Niagara Falls in Canada is sometimes referred to as Horseshoe Falls because of this shape. In my experience the city is very livable! On the one hand, the city is rich in various industries, trade, medical trade, university, and on the other hand, it is rich in natural beauty!

Although not far from Toronto, the city again does not belong to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Geographically, Toronto is on the north shore of Lake Ontario and Hamilton is on the south shore of this lake. Those who travel by road from Toronto or the east of Canada to see Niagara Falls, if they take the Queen Elizabeth Expressway (QEW) east of the city of Hamilton, the ‘Burlington Bay James N.’ Elan climbs on the famous bridge called ‘Skyway’. Looking to the left from the top of this bridge, you can see the end of the huge lake and the huge smoke coils rising towards the sky from the big chimneys from the factories near its banks! Looking to the right, you will see the wide water body and the summer green scenery along the south bank! Needless to say, the leading areas in air pollution and carbon emissions are Hamilton’s coastal or lake front and industrial estates.

Apart from the industrial estates and settlements along the shores of the lake there are attractive lake front parks for the recreation of the general public. There is the World War II ship MS Haida, which is currently on public display as a museum; Wild Water Works etc. famous for water sports. The lakefront water trail runs along both the north and south shores of this lake. In this city with an area of ​​118 square kilometers and a population of less than 550,000, it would take a Mahabharata to list all the necessities or entertainment facilities. However, for the convenience of the readers, a few important notes may be mentioned here.

Here’s John C. There is an international airport called Munro Hamilton International Airport, along with an old warplane display museum called Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, a science museum called Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. There is no end to the museum! For example, the Hamilton Workers Museum, Dundurn National Historic Museum (SITE), where live demonstrations of what life was like for immigrants in Hamilton in the 1800s are held every Saturday and Sunday during the summer and fall.

At the southwestern edge of the city is another such conservation area, the Westfield Heritage Village Conservation Area (pronounced Westfield Heritage Village Conservation Area), a 503-acre heritage village that preserves the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century socio-culture, livelihoods, daily life, etc. How was his educational animation or live demonstration. Educational tours and classes are available here for students of any institute or school college. There are also good facilities for walking or sitting on the balcony of the house reading books or doing some other work, painting, etc. Or organizing picnics, weddings, or any other social event. This heritage village is made up of natural forests, social forestry, large wetlands, vast grasslands, exhibits of daily life of farmers, cultivators, herdsmen, blacksmiths, and people from different walks of life.

“Battlefield House Museum and Park” in the famous Stony Creek area of ​​the war fought in 1812 with British Canada desperate to prevent the invasion of democratic America. It is also a national heritage historical building and a living museum. Every year, on the anniversary of the victory of the American invasion of the then monarchist British Canada (before Canada was formed into the present confederation), a “mock war” (fake war) environment was created here with weapons, bows and arrows etc. stay! But in 2013, the two hundredth anniversary of the victory was celebrated very accidentally! I went to the event with my children for a whole day. In 1913, Britain’s Queen Mary officially unveiled the 100-foot-tall monument erected on the site by direct cable from London to mark the centenary of peace between Britain and the United States (note, Britain! Not Canada!! Canada was not yet Confederation.)

It is noted that the owner of this house, James Gage, was popular among the local aborigines and immigrants because of his shop. After which a road is named in this city and the famous “Gage Park”. When the American invasion came forward, the British forces were able to engage the British forces through communication between the local inhabitants and the tribals. Not just contact, the tribals were also promised – their land would be returned after the war! As a result, the British forces in the Canadian provinces became stronger and were able to put up a strong resistance. But history proves that it was a fraud with the tribals for the war! And Machiavelli approved the use of fraud as a tool with democratic politics!

McMaster University Lawn.  Photo: Author

Not only that, since the end of the Revolutionary War (1775 to 1983 AD) for the independence of America from the British colonies, the areas inhabited by the indigenous people became the focus of the attack of the American fighters in the name of God and democracy. They continued to attack and attack one after another from the coastal areas to the west inhabited by Native Americans. For that reason and because of the British promise to return their territory, they sided with the British in the War of 1812. That invasion and seizure of their territories and resources gained momentum after the War of 1812! Due to the support of the British power, the large indigenous people who lived in the territory of the United States were removed from their native land, where they had lived for thousands of years, to the desert areas of the country, in the name of various agreements and if they did not comply with the agreement, they were forcibly removed to the desert area! Even, because of the war-ravaged economy, the land-property of the indigenous people was given as arrears of American soldiers! This America is the agency that distributes democracy-good governance in the whole world!

There is a proverb, the fool is always happy! How happy not to know! Because we do not know the glory of American democracy to us!

Hamilton’s introductory episode began to follow the words but!

Many people know that like the Indian subcontinent, Canada is still a Commonwealth country. The Queen of England means the Queen of Canada! If any member of the royal family wants to visit Canada, all the expenses of that trip are paid from the tax money of the people of Canada! Who knows if any budget is sent from Canada to England for royal family expenses! McMaster University, established in 1887, is one of Canada’s world-renowned educational institutes that are advanced in the field of education-initiation-research. Its high-quality health-medical-industry research programs are widely publicized.

Hamilton’s main campus spans nearly three hundred acres. Currently, a total of thirty-seven thousand five hundred Canadian and international students are studying here, including about five and a half thousand graduate students in 2023. Seventeen percent of the total students are international, that is, from one hundred and twenty-five countries outside of Canada! Bangladesh or India could not properly establish tourism as an industry! However, this university is proof that advanced science-oriented practical education can also earn huge foreign exchange. How many things to do to improve as a nation! The leaders of the future of our country still could not get out of those two thousand-five thousand years old thinking! I think, can we expect that from the new generation coming out of this rotten environment?



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