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America authorized the attack on Iranians

by Afonso
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The US has approved plans to launch airstrikes against Iranians and their facilities in Syria and Iraq. According to the British media BBC, the American media CBS learned the information of this approval from the policy-making level of the country. The US administration said that there will be continuous attacks for several days.

However, it has not yet been announced when the attack will begin. It is said that even the time has not been fixed. It is believed that US airstrikes will take place based on the environment and situation.

Three US soldiers were killed in a drone attack on Jordan’s Syrian border last Sunday. The US administration approved the decision to counter-attack as soon as the incident was over.

The US blamed Iran-backed militia groups for Sunday’s attack. Iran-backed groups in Iraq have also claimed responsibility. However, the country claimed that Iran had no role in the attack that injured 41 people.

Since the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza on October 7, attacks targeting Americans in the Middle East have increased. Especially the Houthi group is doing more attacks. Most of the groups are supported by Iran.


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