Home News Although the winter is over, the torture of mosquitoes has not decreased

Although the winter is over, the torture of mosquitoes has not decreased

Although the winter is over, the torture of mosquitoes has not decreased

Winter is over, but the torture of mosquitoes is not over. In some areas, it has become a burden to stay in and out of the house even in daylight. Although the two city corporations are tight-lipped, work is underway to kill mosquitoes. Entomologists say, citizens would not have had to face such suffering if measures had been taken as per the forecast.

Entomologists had earlier predicted that the mosquito infestation would peak in March. It actually happened. In several areas including Uttara, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Agargaon, Khilgaon, Jurain, Mugda, the city dwellers have become fed up with the pain of mosquitoes. Looking at the reservoirs of the capital, it seems that mosquitoes are being cultivated there. Flocks of mosquitoes are roaming in the water bodies. Residents around the reservoir are in the most danger.

A building construction worker next to a reservoir in the capital says that he cannot stand the pain of mosquitoes at work during the day.

Locals are complaining that no one comes from the corporation to control mosquitoes in the area.

Although the authorities are demanding to play a strong role in controlling mosquitoes. When asked by the media, they said that regular work is going on.

In this context, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Atiqul Islam said that it is absolutely necessary to depollute the capital’s canals to kill mosquitoes, which is a very difficult matter. The operation by the city corporation is continuing.

Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas says that the Mosquito Extermination Corporation is working using wheelbarrows.

Entomologists felt that the two city corporations’ plans to control mosquitoes were deficient. They say that the city dwellers are suffering due to the negligence of the authorities.

Entomologist Professor Kabirul Bashar said that there was already a prediction that the density of mosquitoes would increase in March. If regular operations were conducted accordingly, the situation would not have been so bad.

Entomologists are worried that the outbreak of dengue may increase due to intermittent rains this week.