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Allotment of symbols, candidates will campaign today

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The period for withdrawing nomination papers for the 12th National Assembly election ended yesterday on December 17. As per the schedule today 18 December valid candidates will be allotted symbols. And the candidates will start campaigning today after receiving the symbol. And the promotion will end on January 5, 2024 at 8 am.

On Sunday evening, EC Secretary Md. Jahangir Alam told reporters, ‘The total number of nomination papers submitted in the 12th National Assembly election was 2 thousand 716. 731 were canceled due to returning officer. 560 appeals were filed. 286 appeals were allowed. And 274 have been rejected. 347 nomination papers were withdrawn on the last day of withdrawal. 5 are suspended as per Article 2 of RPO 16. After the withdrawal of candidature, the total number of valid candidates is 1 thousand 896 till Sunday.

Among the 44 political parties registered in the Election Commission, candidates of 29 parties including Awami League, Jatiya Party submitted their nomination papers to the EC to come to the election this time. On the other hand, 15 political parties including BNP have no candidates in this election.

The Election Commission has canceled the nomination of all the candidates of the Democratic Party on the complaint of chaos. As a result, they cannot participate in this election. The number of political parties in the election is 28.

The process of withdrawal of candidature in the 12th National Parliament election ended at 4 pm on Sunday. According to the announced schedule, the candidates will be allocated symbols today on Monday. After this, the candidates can start the official campaign.

On the launch of the campaign, the EC Secretary said, ‘Our message to all the candidates participating in the election is that everyone should follow and abide by the electoral code of conduct.’

On November 15, the election commission announced the upcoming 12th National Assembly election schedule. According to the schedule, after the allotment of symbols on Monday, candidates can campaign till 8 am on January 5. And the voting will be on January 7.


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