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Alleged killing of Ward Awami League leader in Jhalkathi

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Allegations of murder of Awami League President Ripon Mallik of Ward No. 3 of Jhalkathi Municipal Area have been raised. Ward Councilor SM Al Amin confirmed that this incident happened at 10:30 pm on Monday.

The deceased Ripon Mallik was the president of Ward No. 3 Awami League. He was the son of deceased Abdul Mallik of that area.

Ward Councilor SM Al Amin said that on the day of the incident, locals found the bloodied body of Kamal Hussain, a Saudi expatriate, a neighbor of Ripon, and informed the Jhalkathi Sadar police station. Police recovered the body at night. Expatriate Kamal Hossain’s wife Shirin Begum has been arrested by the police.

Talking to the police, the deceased’s relatives and locals, it is known that Awami League leader Ripon Mallick, a resident of Krishnakathi Mallick’s house, often visited the house of Shireen Akhtar, the wife of Saudi expatriate Kamal.

Neighbor Harish Hossain said, ‘Shirin was shouting from inside her house at 10:00 PM. At that time people around me including myself entered the house and saw Ripon Mallik lying on the floor. We all took him to Sadar Hospital. The doctor pronounced Ripon dead.’

Samir Mallik, the brother of the deceased Ripon, said, “Locals told me on the phone that someone killed my brother and split his head. Then I came to Shireen’s room and saw blood on the floor. And my brother was taken to the hospital. Shirin was sitting in his room at that time.’

Jhalkathi Additional Superintendent of Police Sadar Circle. Muhitul Islam said, ‘We think it is a murder. Police came to the spot after receiving information through 999. Legal action will be taken after investigation in this regard.


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