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Alleged kidnapping of rape victim from hospital

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A rape victim has been accused of kidnapping from the One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Khulna Medical College Hospital. In this incident, the police arrested Md Touhiduzzaman, Chairman of Rudaghra Union Parishad of Dumuria Upazila of Khulna.

However, the hospital authorities claim that the sample has been collected and handed over to the woman’s relatives.

It is known that a woman was admitted to the OCC of Khulna Medical College Hospital last Saturday night. The woman alleged that she was raped. Some people forcibly took the woman and her mother to a microbus around 5:30 pm on Sunday. At that time, they misbehaved with the human rights activists and journalists present there.

Eyewitnesses said that those people took the woman and her mother like a movie.

Eyewitness Md. Salim Osman Khan said, “Suddenly, two cars came and took a woman and a girl and left at high speed.”

Later he came to know that a rape victim and her mother had been taken away by terrorists while undergoing treatment at OCC.

Another witness, Md Zakir Hosne, said, ‘The girl and her mother were forcibly taken to the microbus by some people in filmy style. During this time, journalists and human rights activists were mistreated.

Bangladesh Human Rights Implementation Organization Khulna District Branch Coordinator Mominul Islam said that they received the news in the afternoon and a group of seven members came to talk to the victim women. As soon as they reached, they saw some men carrying the woman and her mother in a car. They were not allowed to talk at that time. Those people misbehave with human rights activists.

Mominul said, “Even if they identify themselves as relatives of the victim, they are not relatives of the victim.”

At that time, the agitated crowd accused of cooperation in the incident arrested Md. Touhiduzzaman of Dumuria Upazila No. 3 Rudaghra Union and handed it over to the police.

UP Chairman Md Touhiduzzaman said that he came to the hospital to talk to the administrative officer.

Touhiduzzaman said, ‘I came in front of the OCC after seeing the mess. But now people are saying that I helped kidnap the girl and her mother.’

On the other hand, the doctor of OCC said that after collecting the sample of the victim, he has been handed over to his relatives.

OCC doctor Dr Suman Roy said, ‘After the girl came to us, we collected her various samples as per the rules. He was treated. Later, when I asked him about filing a case, he said that he would not file a case with the police. He said he will file a case in court. At that time, if he wanted to go home, we first informed Dumuria police station. If the Dumuria Police does not take any action, we inform the Superintendent of Police. Later the Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) of Dumuria police station came and interrogated the girl. Even then, the girl refused to file a case at the police station. Later, on the advice of the police, we handed over the girl to her relatives.’

Suman Roy said, ‘We did not think it was safe to release the girl to her mother. Later, when a man from the girl’s family comes, we hand over the girl to him and put him in the car.’

Sonadanga Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) Md. Aminul Islam said, ‘We have received the news and are taking the UP chairman to the police station. Legal action will be taken if any complaint is received.’


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