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Alleged beating of security personnel for demanding salary

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The owner of the house has been accused of beating up a security guard named Mosharraf Hossain (48) and using a sharp weapon for demanding money in the capital’s Aftabnagar Eastern Housing. Musharraf, who was injured in the incident, was treated in the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College (Dhamek) Hospital. 8 to 10 stitches have been given on his head, said the doctor in charge.

This incident took place at house number 30 of road number 5 of H Block of Eastern Housing on Monday morning.

Relative of Mosharraf Hossain. Billal Hossain said that Mosharraf has been working as a security guard of that house for a year. He owed several months’ salary to the owner of the house. Mosharraf went to the fourth floor flat of flat owner Fazlul Haque on Sunday night to ask for that salary money. Fazlul got angry on ringing the bell. He asked Musharraf to go down saying that he was coming.

Then Fazlul Haque and Rod, along with one of his nephews, came down in front of the gate with sharp weapons. Fazlul hit Musharraf on the head with a sharp weapon in Haque’s hand. And his nephew kept beating Musharraf’s legs and hands with a rod. At one stage they left him bleeding. After getting the news, he rescued Musharraf and brought him to the hospital.

In this regard, the accused flat owner Fazlul Haque was spoken to on the phone. When asked about the beating, he said, ‘All allegations of Musharraf are false. He locked me at the gate on Sunday night. The gate was still locked when I left this morning. They didn’t let me out even if I told them. At one point he brings a fish cutter. Then when he fell in the push, he hit the gate and hit his head.’ But when asked why he was not allowed to leave after locking the gate, he hung up.

Incharge (Inspector) of Police Camp of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia confirmed the matter by quoting the doctor. He said that the person with bloody injuries was treated and released in the neurosurgery department of the emergency department of Dhaka Medical. The matter has been reported to Badda police station. They are investigating.


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