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Allegations of obstruction and attack on independent candidate’s campaign in Pabna

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There have been allegations of obstruction, assault and assault in the truck marker campaign of Prof. Abu Sayeed, an independent candidate for Pabna-1 seat. This incident happened on Thursday around 1:30 pm.

Eyewitnesses and locals said that on the day of the incident, 50/60 leaders-activists and supporters of the boat symbol were carrying out mass communication and campaigning under the leadership of Nagdemra Union Awami League President Al Mamun Sardar and Chhatra League President Oliur Rahman in Selanda Bazar. At that time, the candidate for the truck symbol, Professor Abu Sayeed, was campaigning with a fleet of 8/10 Maibus under the leadership of former mayor Abdul Baten of Bara Municipality, President of Santhia Upazila Upazila Awami League Abdullah Al Mahmud Delwar and former mayor of Santhia Municipality Miraj Hossain. When supporters of the boat and truck symbols came face-to-face, the two sides started chasing each other and throwing bricks. Both sides clashed with indigenous weapons including sticks and iron rods. At this time, the followers of the truck symbol attacked three vehicles.

Oliur Rahman, president of Nagdemara Union Chhatra League, said, ‘During mass communication and campaigning of the boat symbol, we did not stand on one side of the road to evict the followers of the truck symbol. The followers of the truck symbol attacked us from behind with various provocations as we passed. At this time, there was a counter chase to resist them.’

Oliur Rahman also said, ‘Akash Rana, Mehdi Hasan, Sohan Jahan, Kamruzzaman, Rakib and several others were injured in their attack.’

When the supporter of the independent candidate and Santhia Upazila Parishad Chairman Abdullah Al Mahmud Delwar called the mobile number, his PS Hafizur Rahman Hafiz received it. He said, ‘The followers of the independent candidate Professor Abu Sayeed with the truck symbol were conducting mass communication, campaigning and meeting voters in Selanda Bazar area. At that time, several youths including Rubel, Sohan, Akash, Shamim, followers of Advocate Shamsul Haque Tukur attacked Syed Sahib’s people. Several leaders and supporters were injured in their attack. A few cars were damaged in the attack.’

Santhia Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Anwar Hossain said, ‘The situation has been normalized by sending the police force to the spot after getting information from the people. Neither party filed a complaint. If complaints are received, necessary steps will be taken after investigation.’


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