Home News Allegation of rape of housewife in Jessore

Allegation of rape of housewife in Jessore

Allegation of rape of housewife in Jessore

A housewife (21) has been accused of raping a house wife (21) by threatening her with death by putting a sharp knife on her throat in a village bordering Sharsha in Jessore. The rape incident took place last Thursday night.

The mother-in-law of the victim housewife said, ‘On Thursday night, we all go to listen to waj mahfil. Buuma felt ill and she did not go to attend the waj mahfil and slept with the door of the room closed. Accused Imam Hossain first broke the light in front of the house around 10 pm. Later he entered the room by breaking the doorknob. At that time, he put a sharp knife on my wife’s neck and threatened her with death and forcibly raped her and ran away.’

Local UP member Saiful Islam said, “When the husband of the raped housewife told me about it, I took Imam Hossain to the club and he admitted that he had raped her.” Later I advise the victims to take legal recourse as I cannot prosecute.’

In this regard, Sharsha police station OCM Moniruzzaman said, ‘Nobody reported the incident to the police. Today, after learning about the incident, a police team has been sent to the home of the victim’s family and they have been assured that all legal assistance will be provided by the police. The victims have now filed complaints. After investigation, action will be taken against the culprit as per law.