Home News Allegation of death of garment worker due to co-worker’s kill-punch

Allegation of death of garment worker due to co-worker’s kill-punch

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Battala area of ​​Dakshinkhan, Uttara of the capital. A complaint of death of a garment worker named Sajib (17) has been received. The doctor in charge of the emergency department declared him dead when he was rescued and taken to Dhaka Medical College (DMH) hospital around 11 am on Saturday morning.

Sajib’s family alleges that another garment worker named Mahi (17) killed him by punching him.

Sajib is the only son of Shahed Ali of Kargaon Police Station of Katiyadi Police Station in Kishoreganj. Currently, he was living in Munshi Market area of ​​Dakshinkhan.

Sajib’s mother Sulema Begum said, ‘My son works in SA Fashion garments in Daksinkhan area. At around 9 o’clock in the morning, he left home after breakfast to go to work. Later I got news that my brother is in Kuwait Maitri Hajj Hospital in Uttara. Go there and rescue him and bring him to Dhaka Medical.

Sulema Begum also said, ‘My son has a quarrel with Mahin of the same garment. At one point, Mahin punched and kicked my son Sajeev unconscious. Later the people around rescued him and took him to Maitri Hospital. Later we got the news and rescued him from the hospital and brought him to Dhaka Medical. The doctor said that my son is no longer alive.’

DMK Hospital police camp in charge. Bachchu Mia confirmed Sajeeb’s death by quoting the doctor. He said, ‘The body has been kept in the morgue of the emergency department of the hospital. The matter has been reported to the concerned police station.


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