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Allegation of beating the defendant in the case against the police in Madaripur

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A police officer has recently been accused of severely beating up the defendant in the case while serving a notice at Kalkini in Madaripur. The incident took place in Fasciatala area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKalkini upazila on Thursday afternoon. Accused Hemayet Mollah is Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of Kalkini Police Station. The injured Russell Sardar is the son of Siraj Sardar of Fasciatla area. The affected family confirmed to local journalists this Friday afternoon.

It is known that Lokman Sardar of the same area has a dispute over land with Siraj Sardar of Fasciatla area. On December 19, Lokman Sardar applied to the Additional District Magistrate’s Court for an injunction. The court ordered the plaintiff and the defendant to appear before the court on February 1, 2024, to refrain from carrying out any kind of work on the disputed land.

With this notice, ASI Himayet Mollah and his accompanying force went to Fasciatla in plain clothes to the defendant on Thursday afternoon. Later, when the accused Siraj’s son Russell asked the identity of Sarda, ASI Hiamet Molla severely beat Russell. The defendant’s son Russell Sardar was injured. Later, when he went to record the video of the beating, the other policeman who was with him also beat Russell again and quickly left the scene. In the evening, the injured Russell Sardar gave a written and oral statement to the media persons.

Injured Russell Sardar said, ‘Lokman Sardar has been harassing us for a long time by filing cases in our name. One of his sons, Suman Sardar, is a member of the police. That is why the police beat me up. I can’t accept the way two policemen in plain clothes beat up in the name of giving notice. We want justice for this attack.

In this regard, Lokman Sardar said, ‘My son works as a police officer far away. None of us are ever threatening him. Police came to give Section 144 notice, we did not say anything about it. And I don’t know what problem Russell or his family had with the police. That is a matter for the police and Russell’s family.

However, the accused ASI Himayet Molla denied the allegations and said, ‘Does anyone beat up the plaintiff or the defendant when they try to give a notice? It is the defendant who is lying. We did not beat anyone.’

Madaripur Additional Superintendent of Police in this regard. Kamrul Islam said, “If the person who is being beaten complains, action will be taken.” If there is any video, departmental action will be taken against the accused policemen.


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