Home News Allegation of attack on pathsabha of independent candidate in Gazipur, 5 injured

Allegation of attack on pathsabha of independent candidate in Gazipur, 5 injured

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It has been alleged that boat workers attacked the road meeting of Awami League leader and independent candidate Rezul Karim Russell of Gazipur-1 (Kaliakoir and part of City) constituency. At least five people were injured.

The incident took place on Monday around 7 pm in Gachbari area of ​​Boali Union of Kaliakair Upazila. Sharif Al Mamun, a member of Bowali Union, who was injured in the incident, filed a complaint with the Kaliakor police station on Monday night.

The injured are Sharif Al Mamun, son of Moazzem Hossain of Kundaghata area of ​​the upazila and Sharif Al Mamun, UP member of Ward No. 2 of Boali Union Parishad. Mozammel Hossain, Shahin Mia, Mir Tarek Hasan, Sahidul Islam. They received treatment at a local clinic.

According to local leaders and activists, the independent candidate of Gazipur-1 Constituency, Rezul Karim Russell, along with his leaders and activists, went to a road meeting in Gachbari area in Boali Union of the upazila. When Rezaul Karim started his speech there, 15-16 people including the boat workers of that area Farooq Hossain, Nazim Uddin started disturbing him with the sound of microphone. Meanwhile Rezaul Karim’s people asked them to turn the mic to the other side for some time. But they continue to annoy more and more without removing the mic. At one stage, a quarrel arose between the two. At one stage of the fight, Farooq beat Mamun with a stick. When other colleagues Mozammel Hossain, Shahin, Mir Tarek Hasan, Sahidul Islam came forward at his call, they were also beaten. UP member Sharif Al Mamun’s clothes were torn off at one point in the fight. Later, the people around came forward and controlled the situation.

Rezaul Karim, an independent candidate, complained about the attack and said, ‘I went to a road meeting. They kept disturbing me by placing a microphone near my meeting and playing loudly to disrupt my meeting. The opposition activists beat up my workers when I asked them to put the mic away for some time.

However, Farooq Hossain, the boat worker, denied the allegations and said that they vandalized our microphone. Some of us were also beaten up’.

In this regard, Inspector (Investigation) Sabbir Rahman of Kaliakor Police Station said that complaints have been received from both sides in the incident. Legal action will be taken after investigating the incident.

Gazipur-1 (Kaliakoir and a part of City) candidate for this seat is the Minister for Freedom Fighter Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque. Rezaul Karim Russell, General Secretary of Kaliakair Upazila Awami League, is contesting as an independent candidate. Besides, there are 5 more candidates from this seat including Jatiya Party.


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