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All the new books have not yet reached the schools of Barisal

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About seven lakh new books have not yet reached the schools in Barisal. The education department said that the books will be delivered to the students soon but could not confirm the time. A total of 11 books of the seventh, eighth and ninth classes are in a dilemma for teachers and students.

Last January 1, like the rest of the country, in Barisal too, new books were handed over to the students in a festive atmosphere. After this, the teaching method in the new curriculum started. However, although all the books of the sixth class have been distributed to the secondary students, two books of the seventh class, three books of the eighth class and six books of the ninth class have not yet been received by the students.

Students are saying, ‘Even though I got books in the new year, I still haven’t got two books. This will make us fall behind in the evaluation of the new education curriculum. We would have benefited if we had all the books in hand at the beginning. There was no gap in education.’

In Barisal district, 469 secondary schools, 238 Dakhil madrasas and several madrasas have a demand for books this year of 3.790 thousand copies. But the book got 31 lakh 9 thousand copies. Teachers are also in irony due to the shortage of such a large number of books.

SM Fakhruzzaman, head teacher of Halima Khatun Girls Secondary School, said that the education office has been contacted. These books will arrive soon. As all the books are not available, students and parents are repeatedly asking the teachers. There is some irony in this.

Acknowledging the book crisis, the officials of the education department say that the crisis will end very soon.

Barisal District Education Officer Jahangir Hossain said, ‘A few books have not arrived yet, they will arrive soon. Hopefully the book will arrive within the next week.’

Teachers and parents have demanded that the crisis be solved quickly by thinking about the students.


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