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All the listeners of the song have come in a row

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Everything is wrong
After a long era, Nagarbaul James broke the break on Eid-ul-Fitr 2022. Chand released the new song ‘I Love You’ at night. After a long time, the devotees were overwhelmed with the ‘guru’. In continuation of this, this rock star gave ‘Eid gift’ this year as well. His ‘everything is wrong’ was revealed last Eid-ul-Fitr. Immediately after the release, the fans lapped up the song. James’ song, written jointly with lyricist Bishu Sikdar, now has over 6 million views on YouTube.

but where
The Eid song of fasting is published. Band Obscure and Calcutta young singer Doorbadal Biswas’ debut song ‘But Where’. Amit Goswami’s lyrics are composed by Durbadal Biswas. Voices by Syed Hasan Tipu and Doorbadal. Specializing in music arrangements. Its singing, melody and lyrics are highly appreciated by the crowd of many songs. Many have talked about the especially beautiful lyrics.

don’t talk
In June this year, Coke Studio Bangla’s second season song ‘Katha Kaio Na’ was released. Singer-actor Erfan Mridha Shiblu and folk artist Aleya Begum voiced it on the words of poet Hashim Mahmud. Composed by composer and guitarist Eamon Chowdhury, this song went viral after its release. People spread from mouth to mouth. Currently the song has 47 million views.

And sweetheart
Shakib Khan starrer ‘Priyatma’ was released in 107 theaters of the country on Eidul Azha. Balam and Konal sang the title song ‘O Priyatma’ of this movie directed by Himel Ashraf. Immediately after the release, these two artists were praised on social media. Shakib-Idhika caught attention in the video. Like the song, the movie eventually got the title of superhit.

After the release of the movie ‘Priyatma’, the song titled ‘Ishwar’ became a huge hit. Through the song, Prince Mahmud returned to film music after 9 years. Someshwar Oli is the lyricist of this lyrical song. Sung by Riyad.

Another popular song in the second season of Coke Studio Bangla is ‘Deora’. It was released on May 7 this year. Pritam Hasan did a fusion with the popular Deora song in boating areas of Sirajganj, Pabna and Rajshahi. He sang ‘Et sere colorful gold string’. And the folk song was done by Islam Uddin Palakar. Fazlu Majhi (Fazlul Haque) wrote its lyrics jointly with Pritam. Armin Musa and his ‘Grasshopper Choir’ were on backing vocals. 57 million listeners have listened to the song so far on YouTube.

This was not the case before
Composer Prince Mahmud and musician Mizan returned together after 22 long years. Last Eid-ul-Fitr, the duo’s new song ‘Emon Nadi Aaye’ was released. Immediately after the release, fans went into a frenzy. The song, sung by Samuel Hawke, has close to 4 lakh YouTube views. But the way fans reacted to the song on social media was eye-opening. Earlier in 2000, the song ‘Aaj Apan Kal Par’ sung by Mizan to the tune of Prince Mahmud was released.

We might
Ahmed Hasan, the producer, lyricist, composer and musician, has highlighted the city with the lyrics and melody of an era in his career; He is known by the audience as Sunny. Apart from the original songs, he also composed Bob Dylan, Al Mahmud, Shakti Chatterjee. But for him, ‘maybe we’ is something special. Because this song has reached millions of listeners. It continues to receive praise.

The market is hot
Rapper Ali Hasan is viral. Whenever the song is published, the netizens have taken it. His song ‘Bazar Garam’ was released last August. Where the life of the middle class and lower middle class people has come up because of the price of daily necessities. Soon after its release, it went viral on social media. Current views on YouTube are 22 million. Nasimul Mursalin has made the video of this song released under the banner of G-Series.

hey know
Imran-Marufa Trisha’s duet song ‘Ore Jaan’ was released in June this year. The young actress Nazneen Niha is the model in the video of this romantic song. There was also a difference in scenery. It is shot in various scenic locations of Nepal. After releasing this song on YouTube, Imran won the praise of the audience. So far the song has 15 million views on the platform.

He looked at me
Band Ashes’ new album ‘Anthasasarshoonya’ was released in March this year. From this album, the song ‘Amar Najdeh Se’ has become a favorite of fans ever since its release. Apart from this, as a surprise, actress Tasnia Farin became a model in the video of the song. Which makes the song more acceptable to the audience. The video was directed by actor-producer Ziaul Haque Palash.


Album releases are fairly rare in the online age. However, the members of Artcell band have done that rare thing. Their third album ‘Atritiya’ was released in March this year. Through this, fans are excited as the band’s new album is released after 17 years. In these 6 songs ‘Praeti’, ‘Box Bandi’, ‘Vipratip’, ‘Smriti Ayana’, ‘Asampat Santhbana’ and ‘Athritiya’, they find Artcel as an emotional Artcel. The album shines with thousands of singles.


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