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Aliens added to the mystery in the year of the moon

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Most of the achievements and milestones of science in 2023 have been seen by India. After two attempts, the spacecraft sent by the country touched the lunar soil for the third time this year. However, there were also issues like aliens or aliens and making the sun in the lab.

‘Foolish’ with the moon

The year began with the US spacecraft Orion returning to Earth after another successful mission to the Moon. NASA wants to send people to the moon again. Orion is a mission of Artemis-1 as part of the Artemis project.

In 2022, NASA failed to send a spacecraft despite two attempts. Finally, on November 16 of that year, NASA successfully launched the unmanned Orion spacecraft to the moon in the third attempt. Three mannequins with human body sensors were sent. And it successfully returned in January this year. NASA wants to send the first woman to the moon in 2025 as part of the Artemis-3 mission.

Chandrayaan-3’s lander Vikram landed on the lunar surface with rover Pragyan on August 23 this year. Through this, India became the first country in the world to start research work on the South Pole of the Moon. No country has ever touched the south pole of the moon before.

Russia sent a spacecraft but it did not land successfully. The vehicle sent by Russia is called Luna-25. Through this, the race to reach the south pole of the moon began. A competition that Russia lost. But China also joined this competition. The country claimed that India could not actually go to the South Pole. China will go to the South Pole first!

Apart from this, India also raided Surya. India’s spacecraft Aditya-L 1 traveled to the Sun at 11:50 am local time on September 2 this year to learn about various unknown facts about the Sun.

Finding new planets

The year 2023 will not be a mistake if we say that it is the year of finding a new planet. In January this year, NASA claimed to have discovered an Earth-sized planet outside the solar system using the James Webb Space Telescope. Researchers say that the temperature of this exoplanet named LHS FourSevenFiveB (LHS475B) is several hundred degrees Celsius hotter than Earth.

In April this year, the European Space Agency (ESA) sent a spacecraft to explore the moon of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. The operation was named Juice Mission. China sent its first civilian astronaut into space in May. The country sent a manned spacecraft named Shenzhou-16. These astronauts go to China’s space station.

‘Alien’ adds to the mystery

In 2023, the US space research agency NASA published the report of a year-long study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The 33-page report published on September 14 said that research on UFOs should be carried out with new scientific techniques. Sophisticated satellites and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used for this. The report also said that the agency did not find any evidence of UFOs, aliens or UAPs. A new person will be appointed as head to conduct further research on this.

However, Bill Nelson, head of the US space research agency NASA, claims that life exists on other planets outside of Earth. He said, ‘I personally think there are aliens. NASA has not found any evidence that the unidentified object is alien. We are looking for habitable planets.’

Last September, two strange mummies were demanded in Congress of Mexico. It is said that the two mummies are from 1000 years ago. Researchers claim that these are not human. Jamie Masan, a famous Mexican journalist who researches aliens, brought two mummies of the strange size to everyone. According to UFO experts, the body of the two aliens has three fingers and hands and feet.

Mystery resurfaced in early December surrounding the sensational ‘alien mummy’ exhibited at Congress in Mexico. Now the mystery begins with its DNA. After research in the lab, experts said that 30 percent DNA of these skeletons does not match any animal. They are completely unique!

The mystery started surrounding this skeleton displayed in Mexico.  Photo: Reuters

The DNA of that skeleton has been analyzed. It was found that 30 percent of unknown gene locations. The researchers said that no living thing has anything in common with this unknown part.

Scientists have a database of genes for all the different species on Earth. But this part did not match anyone’s DNA. This time, this skeleton has come to the center of discussion.

A small sun is made in the lab

A group of American scientists hit the shelves in December 2022 by producing energy through nuclear fusion reactions like the Sun. They did the same again. On July 30 this year, the reaction reached more energy than before. Through this, the possibility of getting a safe and environmentally friendly source of energy has been created.

Both experiments were conducted by scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory in California. According to the Guardian, nuclear fusion reactions take place inside the Sun and other stars. Scientists from different countries have been trying to develop a technique to make that reaction at a controlled level on Earth for a long time. The success of this experiment is expected to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


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