Home News Alicante adds 18 electric urban buses to its fleet

Alicante adds 18 electric urban buses to its fleet

Alicante adds 18 electric urban buses to its fleet

historic day; that is the qualifying adjective that both the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcalalike the president of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazónhave used today to define the fact that the city incorporates urban buses into its fleet18 100% electric vehicles. Something that has been evident in the staging to present the buses today, in the city’s port, at Pier 14, the cruise terminal, and with the Santa Bárbara Castle as a backdrop, and with the presence of Mazón, Barcala, and the president of the Vectalia Group, Antonio Arias.

In addition to the 18 buses exhibited today, the City Council and Vectalia, the city’s urban transport concessionaire, They plan to incorporate another four before the end of the year, to which is added the first one that arrived in September; That is to say, now there are 19 electric buses and by the end of the year there will be 23. Something that places the city at the head of the Valencian Community in environmentally friendly and efficient mobility. Thus, of its 101 urban buses, one 19 are 100% electricand other 25 are hybrids, thereby electrifying almost half of the urban fleet. Hence, the city has the title of the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the autonomous community.

The new 18 buses – red and from the Mercedes and MAN brands – will be incorporated into the urban network in the coming days.

Modern and future transport

In his speech, barge has highlighted that “We are moving towards a friendly, accessible and sustainable mobility modelwith a concession that we have renewed after more than 50 years of the previous one – which Masatusa had – and that we have taken advantage of to take a leap forward to achieve modern and future transport, in response to climate change to reach a city that welcomes you with open arms, modern, accessible, sustainable, with quality public transport and in permanent transformation with more pedestrianization, bus lanes, bike lanes, green corridors that contribute to making Alicante more livable.

Barcala has also referred to the aesthetics of the buses, indicating that the vehicles are recognizable for being “modern” outside and inside. “From today throughout the next few days all Alicante residents will enjoy them,” he said.

Public-private collaboration

At the close of the event, Mazonwho clarified that his intervention was as an Alicante native, thanked “the effort that Alicante makes of public-private collaboration, which put it at the forefront when we talk about transportation and metropolitan services.” “Alicante is a pioneer in the Valencian Community in terms of mobility. We did it with the implementation of the TRAM with a sustainable service that today is an example of electrification and decarbonization throughout Europe. “Today there are many who copy the Alicante model in metropolitan transport.”

“I want to say – the president of the Generalitat has announced – that after the unlocking of the intercity transport concessions on which we are working – the blue buses -, the metropolitan area of ​​Alicante will renew the rest of its 45 buses to reach 100% of zero-emission buses.”

Today history is made and as an Alicante native I feel proud, in addition to the commitment to continue making history through public-private collaboration. Something is happening in the city – as the mayor says – that is worth copying, from the talent and collaboration of all of Alicante,” he added.

The president of the Alicante Provincial Council also attended the presentation of the new buses, Toni Pérezand the subdelegate of the Government, Juan Antonio Nievesthe Minister of Territory, Environment, Water and Infrastructure, Salome Pradasthe president of the Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Banothe president of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community, CEV, in Alicante, Joaquin Perezamong others.