Home News Aliança Catalana: the pro-independence extreme right threatens the “Puigdemont effect”

Aliança Catalana: the pro-independence extreme right threatens the “Puigdemont effect”

Aliança Catalana: the pro-independence extreme right threatens the “Puigdemont effect”

He «Puigdemont effect» With which together counted to return to the Generalitat can deflate as soon as it is born. He escaped former president He stated that he would return to Catalonia if he had the majority to be invested. According to the polls published these days, he can leave the seat empty and continue residing in Waterloo, because they are not conducive to him. According to some media, Together they could surpass ERC, although he would stay to twelve seats from the PSC. Furthermore, without a pro-independence majority in Parliament, his aspirations have become nothing more than water.

Last Sunday the worst of the omens also came true. Catalan Allianceled by the mayor of Ripoll, Silvia Orriolswill run for election with a clearly xenophobic and identitarian discourse under the motto “Save Catalonia”. Last Monday the ultra formation began collecting endorsements to be able to present its candidacy. 0.1% of the census, which translates into 4,279 endorsements in Barcelona; In Gerona the figure is reduced to 554, 604 in Tarragona and 319 in Lérida. Orriols considers gather the pro-independence electorate most angry with Puigdemont with anti-immigration messages and putting “Catalans first” with resounding slogans such as “the resources of the Catalans can and must once again be for the Catalans”, against the parties that validate “the extinction of Catalonia.”

Orriols wants to recover the angry vote of the independence movement, those who are dissatisfied with the traditional parties want to slam their fists on the table. «You can say enough is enough and entrust the country to someone who will defend your rights, freedoms and interests, without detours or trembling legs; you can applaud who has made Catalonia third world and has allowed and normalized recidivism and Islam or you can punish them at the polls,” he said in the presentation of his candidacy, demanding «powers and exercising border control» in Catalonia.

The polls do not yet reflect results, but the demoscopic ones give them eentered Parliament with a deputy for Girona, Puigdemont’s fiefdom, and the possibility of having representation by Barcelona. The hard core of Orriols is made up of people who come from Democratic Convergence. It is worth remembering that Platform per Catalunya, which was presented in 2010, was a few hundred votes away from entering Parliament. This formation suffered a split of an independence nature –Som catalans– and its historical leader, Josep Angladahas shown himself a supporter of Orriols.

Another candidacy critical of Puigdemont promoted by the still MEP of Junts C has also begun collecting endorsements.lara Ponsatí and the philosopher Jordi Graupera. “at the same time” –At the same time– it is presented against Puigdemontwhom he accuses of “hand over weapons” in exchange for amnesty. This group bets on a new Unilateral Declaration of Independence and he does not forget the issue of immigration either, proposing its Catalanization. Ponsatí and Graupera have it complicated due to the early elections. In fact, the party registered with the Ministry of the Interior on March 11, two days before the advance elections in Catalonia were announced.

Solo Puigdemont has received the good news that Together it surpasses ERC. In the Republican world, nervousness is evident due to the candidate’s low profile Peter Aragonés. His attempt to focus the debate on financing reform has been short-lived. And to top it all off, the socialist candidate finished off the move –«I am the only one who can get fair and effective financing»–, returning Aragonès to reality because his re-election as president is highly unlikely. In fact, at ERC they hope to turn the situation around with an active presence of Oriol Junqueras in the campaignalthough it is not the approach – today – of the president’s environment.

The PSC candidate, Salvador Illacontinues to maintain a presidential campaign and this Easter he makes a “remake” of the trip Pedro Sanchez to England and Scotland in 2018. Like the President of the Government, Salvador Illa has given a conference at the London School of Economics on «Strengthening Europe from Catalonia». Pedro Sánchez’s was about “Catalonia and populism.” Illa will meet with the leadership of British Labor, the favorite to win the next elections, and tomorrow she will do so with former Prime Minister Gordon Braun.

Against the “massive entry of immigrants”

In the announcement of his candidacy last SundaySilvia Orriols He made it clear that his objective is to defend “the rights, freedoms and interests” of Catalans. «You can revalidate or stop the hemorrhage of talent and the massive and invasive entry of immigrants “that do not share our civil laws or our Western values,” defended Orriols, who demands that they stop “subsidizing counter-communities” and turning prisons into “five-star hotels.” It is time – he said – “for ‘seny’ (common sense) and order to return to Catalonia.”