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Alexa is homeless for fear of intimacy with her husband

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Many men love the voice of Amazon’s popular device Alexa. But recently the opposite happened. Alex is becoming ‘addicted’ to men! Late at night is starting to talk by itself. This is the claim of an American woman named Jess.

Jess recently claimed in a TikTok video that Alexa sometimes wants to talk to her husband late at night. If this continues, Jess fears that her husband may also fall in love with the sweet voice. He even forced Alexa to leave the house due to this fear.

According to the report of the New York Post, the woman named Jess told all the events in a TikTok video. Within moments it also went viral on social media. In the video, he said, ‘I was out of town last week. My husband was alone at home. He was playing video games around 1 am. At that time Alexa suddenly started talking to my husband on her own. This incident seemed very unusual to both of us.’ After that, Jess stopped using Alexa. He even decided not to keep it at home.

Amazon’s voice assistant system Alexa. Basically the device works with the help of voice commands. With Alexa on you can inquire about any query and service. Alexa will answer on the speaker. Just like you search for something by typing it in Google, here it is said by word of mouth. Alexa can accurately play the requested song. Can give directions about the road.

Meanwhile, when Jess’s story came out, many people wrote about their strange experiences with Alexa. One of them wrote, “I once heard Alexa whispering to my dogs in the kitchen around 3am. At first I thought there was someone in the house. Then I got scared when I heard about Alexa. Stop it then.’ Another wrote, ‘Strange things have happened in my house too. When asked to turn off the light, it turns on again after a while.’ Another wrote, ‘One night my mom came home and Alexa said bye bye. After a few minutes he said the same thing again.’


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