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Al Mahmud Swapan’s seat in Jaipurhat is a glimpse of a tight fight

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Joypurhat-2 parliamentary seat consists of three upazilas of Kalai, Kshetlal and Akkelpur of Joypurhat district. Earlier this seat was occupied by BNP but in the last 15 years this seat is occupied by Awami League. Currently, the member of parliament and whip of this constituency is Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan. This time, his rival Awami League’s independent candidate for this seat, District Awami League Joint General Secretary Golam Mahfuz Chowdhury retired. However, there are a total of 8 candidates including the National Party in the electoral field.

The total number of voters in Joypurhat-2 constituency is 3 lakh 35 thousand 290 people. 1 lakh 66 thousand 198 male voters and 1 lakh 69 thousand 91 female voters and 1 third gender voter. BNP held this seat continuously from 1991 to 2008. In 2014, Awami League’s candidate Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapon was elected unopposed as a member of parliament in the 2018 parliamentary elections. He again won the party nomination in the 12th parliamentary election. Apart from him, District Awami League Joint General Secretary Golam Mahfuz Chowdhury retired as an independent candidate in the upcoming National Assembly elections. Although there are a total of 8 candidates including these two candidates of Awami League, the main competition is between Awami League and Awami League.

Ghulam Mahfuz Chowdhury retired as an independent candidate after being a close confidant of the whip. In the election field, there were several incidents of clashes with the supporters of this independent candidate of Awami League and the boat candidate. In his speech, the conflict in Awami League is very clear in this seat.

Golam Mahfuz Sesir Chowdhury said, ‘I have become an independent candidate by party decision, my opponent is the current member of Parliament, his home is not in this constituency, he has been rejected by the people of this area. His popularity is now at zero, people are waiting to reject him by voting on 7th. By expelling him from this area, the son of their house will vote for me and elect him with a huge margin of votes. He is relentlessly attacking and torturing me and my workers with his terrorists. I want the security of my workers from the administration, if they fail to provide security, I will commit suicide by pouring petrol on myself in the Deputy Commissioner’s office.’

However, Awami League’s heavyweight candidate Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan is not taking these complaints into account. He goes from door to door showing the visible development of the past. He believes that the people will elect him by voting to maintain the continuity of the development that the government has made in the area through him. Apart from this, he said that he will have his cooperation in hundred percent fair elections.

Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan, the organizing secretary of the central Awami League and the candidate for this seat, said, “I have been and will continue to cooperate to make the elections neutral and peaceful from my responsibility. I am 100% sincere in restraining my leaders and workers. I want to further assure that among the first 10 constituencies that will be held in the country, there will be Jaipurhat-2 constituencies. I hope the common people will go to vote in a peaceful environment and because of the great development of the past, the common people will kindly vote for me.

During the election campaign, there have been several clashes between the workers and supporters of these two influential candidates. The voters are a bit scared and want to assure the administration of a peaceful election.

A voter said, “We are peace-loving common people, let the vote be peaceful with the participation of all parties, let us go to the polling station to vote.”

Another voter said, ‘Let us vote in the next election, let the vote be peaceful. We are ordinary people, we don’t want anything like that, we want the right to vote and rice.’

District Returning Officer and District Administrator Salehin Tanveer Gazi assured to give a peaceful election taking everything into consideration.

On this side, Japa’s position in the seat is a little weak, but Japa can take advantage of the extreme conflict between the two candidates of Awami League. Apart from this, there are other candidates but their campaigns are very limited. The peaceful voters of the area are waiting to see whose house the joy of victory will go to.


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