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AK Azad’s pledge to build a terror and drug free township in Faridpur

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Independent candidate of Faridpur-3 (Sadar) constituency Abdul Quader Azad (AK Azad) said that if he wins the 12th National Assembly election, Faridpur township will be made free of terrorism and drugs. He made this promise while conducting the Eagle Marker election campaign in various areas including Kanaipur Bazar of Sadar Upazila on Friday afternoon.

AK Azad said in public relations, ‘If elected, I will eliminate terrorism from Faridpur. On January 7, the Eagles won; Then on the 8th they will move to the previous place. They were on the run for a long time, they have come again.’

AK Azad also said, ‘Kanaipur market will be a model market. There will be no extortion here. No merchant has to pay any subscription. I am a businessman, it is my moral duty to represent you, it is my duty to protect you. Every problem you have will be solved.’

‘I am very happy and pleased with the love you have received. If you win the Eagle Mark on 7th January. I promise, I will make one training center in each union. 100-150 boys and girls will leave the training center every month after training. I will also arrange their jobs.’- said AK Azad.

Meanwhile, in the evening, in a separate public meeting in Pashra village of Faridpur Sadar, AK Azad said, ‘Why will you vote for Eagle? Many of you don’t even know Azad Sahib. What do you want to vote for Mr. Azad? Pashara village of Faridpur suburb once did not have electricity, there was no road, everyone used to return home on muddy feet. I hatchery here first. Then I bring electricity and make the road. When the school named after my father in Padma was demolished, I established MA Aziz High School here. That area is no longer a village but has become a city. The children here are now educated, working.’


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