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AI robots will take care of pets

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Nowadays, most of the people have to go out for work. As a result, houses remain empty for a long time. Tech giant LG is bringing dopey robots to take care of such homes. This robot is able to freely move around the house. Coming from January 6 to 12, 2024, the first look of the robot will be seen in an event in Las Vegas, America.

According to technology website Engadget, the robot has several advantages. One of these is that the robot can take care of pets after the user goes to work. The robot will send notifications to the smartphone in case of any emergency or unpleasant incident while taking care of the pet. Apart from this, it can send notification to the user if the light or AC is left on. The robot will work much like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s HomePod.

The robot uses Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 platform. AI technology works through several types of hardware and software. According to LG, some of its notable features include face and voice recognition and emotional state sensing. The robot can greet the owner when he comes to his front door. It can even play uplifting music. In addition, the robot is able to express its thoughts using its artificial legs.

A camera, speaker and several sensors have been added to the robot’s appearance. Through these sensors it will be able to understand, hear and talk about various things. In addition, it can measure indoor air quality and temperature.

When asked for LG’s detailed comments in this regard, no response has been received so far. There is no word on when the robot will hit the market. However, the company said that the information related to its price will be announced later.


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