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Aggressive males soften in tears: study

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Aggressive men relent at the sight of tears. This is said in a study published yesterday Thursday. Human tears contain a chemical signal that reduces brain activity associated with aggression, according to research.

According to news agency AFP, the research was done by Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. It was published in the US journal PLoS Biology. The researchers said the study used women’s tears. However, the study said that there is no effect of gender.

Numerous studies have shown that crying female rats reduces fighting between males; And subordinate male rats stain themselves with their own tears so that dominant males will reduce their attacks.

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel to test whether this happens in humans.

In this study, the researchers used the tears of six women. Who cried watching sad movies. A mirror catches their tears and collects them in vials for research purposes.

“When we looked for volunteers who could donate tears, we found mostly women,” lead researcher Shani Agron, who led the study, said in a statement. Because it is more socially acceptable for them to cry.

This female researcher also said that tears reduce testosterone levels in men. Decreased testosterone has a greater effect on aggression in men than in women.

Men were more likely to see the tear effect, Agron said. So we run this test on men.

The study had volunteers play a computer game, which has been used in previous research to understand aggression. After a player deposits money into the game, an adversary can steal his earnings. There one player may take revenge on another player for losing money. The scent of tears reduced male play aggression by 43.7 percent. This has also been seen in mice. But unlike mice, humans do not have a vomeronasal organ in their noses. It detects odorless chemical signals.

Researchers applied tears to 62 olfactory receptors. Four of these receptors were found to be activated but not during saline exposure. Finally, scientists conducted similar studies on men’s brains. Research shows that the smell of crying reduces male aggression.


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