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After the election, the country cut ties with Taiwan

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The South Pacific island nation of Nauru severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan immediately after the election. This information was informed by the country’s government on Monday.

The government of Nauru said on social media Facebook that it has decided to recognize China by severing diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Nauru President David Adeyang said in a Facebook post that the Republic of Nauru will no longer recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a separate country but as an integral part of China’s territory. It will also cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan. This change is in no way intended to affect our existing warm relations with other countries. Our government is committed to moving Nauru forward. This change is a significant step towards the development of Nauru.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has won Taiwan’s recently held national elections. Through this, the party’s presidential candidate William Lai Ching-tae is going to become the new president of Taiwan.

The newly elected president will officially take office next May. Analysts say the biggest risk he will have to face then is dealing with China. Because, he is already known as anti-China and pro-Taiwan independence. As a result, he has become an eyesore in China. It is no longer a secret that China is furious with him. China has been calling Lai a troublemaker since before the election.

History says that Taiwan first came under Chinese control in the seventeenth century. China then lost the war to Japan in 1895 and ceded the island to Japan. After Japan lost World War II in 1945, China again occupied the island.

After World War II, China had several years of civil war. When the Communist Party took control of Beijing in 1949, Chinese Nationalist Party leaders fled to Taiwan. They ruled Taiwan for the next few decades.

Pointing to this history, China claims that Taiwan was originally a Chinese province. Taiwan, on the other hand, points to the same history, saying that Taiwan was never part of the modern state of China, which was formed by Mao Zedong in 1949. Nor was Taiwan, which became independent after the 1911 revolution, never part of the Chinese state.

Although Taiwan claims to be an independent and sovereign state, only 13 countries in the world have recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country. China has not recognized Taiwan until now. As a result, Taiwan has a hostile relationship with China.


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