Home Sports After the defeat of Pakistan on the way of India, demand of ‘good game’, joke of Australia

After the defeat of Pakistan on the way of India, demand of ‘good game’, joke of Australia

by Afonso
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Either the thinking of a few teams in the subcontinent is like this, or the teams become like this when they are in front of Australia! Otherwise, why would the teams come up with the demand to play well after losing to Australia!

The satisfaction of Australia’s victory increases.

Former India batsman Mohammad Kaif said that India are a ‘better team on paper’ after their humiliating loss to Australia in the ODI World Cup final in Ahmedabad. David Warner joked about this on Twitter.

Today Pakistan also walked on the same path. Pakistan lost to Australia by 79 runs in the second match of the three-Test series in Melbourne today. Their second straight defeat in the series, losing 16 consecutive Tests on Australian soil. After such a match, Pakistan’s team director and former all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez said that Pakistan played better than Australia in the match!

After hearing that, there was another laugh from the Australian side. Australian captain Pat Cummins took a dig at the press conference. Why only Australia, former England captain Michael Vaughan also hit Hafiz with this.

After the match, Hafeez admitted his mistakes in the analysis of today’s loss, besides naturally criticizing Mohammad Rizwan’s controversial dismissal in the second innings. Hafeez, who also coached Pakistan in the series, called technology a ‘curse’ in this case. Then he said, ‘But to summarize the entire match, our Pakistan team played better than their team (Australia) in thick spots.’

Well, where does it go! Hafeez’s words came up in the press conference of Australian captain Pat Cummins. Cummins’s answer to this, ‘Well! Good! They played well, all right. But I am happy that we got the win. Nothing comes and goes with that (good game), right? Who won at the end of the day, that’s the real thing!’

And Michael Vaughn tagged Hafeez on social media X (formerly Twitter) and wrote in a sarcastic tone, ‘Pakistan played well this week! It would have been won only by conceding more extra runs in the first innings and not dropping two easy catches in the second innings. I am very impressed with Hafiz as a coach!


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