Home News After receiving the truck symbol, Mahi said, I will win with 95 percent votes

After receiving the truck symbol, Mahi said, I will win with 95 percent votes

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Actress Mahia Mahi has received the truck symbol as an independent candidate for the Rajshahi-1 (Tanor-Godagari) constituency in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. After receiving the symbol, he said, he will pass with 95 percent votes.

He said these things in response to the questions of the journalists about the allocation of symbols in the conference room of the Rajshahi district administration on Monday morning.

At that time, Mahi said, ‘Before giving the exam, everyone thinks that I will pass. If people continue to love me the way they are now, if there is no barrier to voters coming from home, I will pass with 95 percent votes.’

On the question of taking the truck symbol in the election, actress Mahi said, ‘When people will criticize me and say that the truck will fall into a ditch, the wheel of the truck will get punctured, then I will campaign. So I think the truck is best for me. Those who are opposite me are my main rivals. No one is younger, everyone is wiser than me. They have been doing politics for years, more than my age. It is a challenge to stand against them.’

Mahi said, ‘The people of my area are under the regime, even the wood-birds are afraid of the leaders, if elected I will sit and eat rice with them. I want to be a servant, not to rule them. My strength is that you (journalists), are by my side. I am a soft-hearted person, an artist.’

Mahi also said, ‘I have no intention of harming anyone. If someone else puts it or if there is any threat to my workers who are working for me, those who try to disrupt my road meeting or meeting, the journalist brothers will bring it up and the whole country will see it. I believe, like every time, this election will be fair. The administration is also very active, they are in the field all the time. Whenever I say I have a little problem there, they come running. So I hope that all these exploitative leaders will not get a chance.’


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