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After opening the door, the passenger walked on the wing of the plane, then…

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The plane was standing at the airport for several hours. Passengers are crowded inside. Even though the scheduled time has passed, there is no sign of the plane leaving. The air conditioning system was also not working. In this situation, impatiently, a passenger opened the emergency exit door and walked on the wing of the aircraft.

According to the BBC report, the incident happened at Mexico International Airport last Thursday around 11:30 local time. The flight was waiting to take off from Mexico City to Guatemala City. The Aeromexico Airlines flight was waiting for more than three hours.

After three hours passed in this way, there was a problem with the air-conditioning system and water shortage inside the aircraft. In such a situation, a passenger came out by opening the emergency exit door of the aircraft. After walking on the wing of the plane, he went back inside.

In this incident, the authorities arrested the passenger and handed him over to the police. However, it is not clear whether he will be taken to jail or face any charges.

The Mexico International Airport Authority said that there was no damage in the incident. The passenger has been handed over to the police. However, other passengers of the flight took a stand for the detained passenger. In a joint statement, they expressed their support for the passenger.

In the statement, the passengers said that there was a shortage of air inside the aircraft. The passenger opened the door and secured them all. Passengers put their names and signatures below the statement.


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