Home News After losing the fort, GM Quader said, ‘Japa is still popular’.

After losing the fort, GM Quader said, ‘Japa is still popular’.

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Due to leadership conflicts, two-way behavior, lack of public relations program, Jatiya Party’s stronghold in the northern region is now in the possession of Awami League. Political analysts say that if all the parties participated in the polls, Jatiya Party would not have won a single seat. In their situation, if they do not change their strategy, the party will disappear. However, JPA Chairman GM Quader claims that they are still quite popular. Their candidates lost due to government controlled elections.

The Jatiya Party has been defeated in the 12th parliamentary elections. Langal won just 11 seats, its worst result in a democratic election since the fall of late President HM Ershad in 1991.

JPA Chairman GM Quader has won only seat out of 6 in Rangpur district. The remaining 3 boats. And the independent candidates who won in two, Awami League leaders.

Out of 33 seats in Rangpur division, Japa candidates won in 4 including Kurigram, Thakurgaon, Bogra. But at one time the Jatiya Party won almost all these seats, which are now in the possession of the Awami League.

Ordinary voters say that as long as Ershad was alive, he had personal influence in Rangpur region. But after his death that influence waned.

In the 1991 elections, Langal contested 221 seats and won 35. In the 1996 and 2001 elections, the party won 32 and 14 seats respectively.

However, Awami League has divided the northern stronghold of Jatiya Party. The party no longer has absolute dominance. Tuhin Wadud, a teacher at Begum Rokeya University, said, ‘The National Party has lost its position, lost support much earlier. If there were elections with the participation of all parties, it does not seem that they would have got the seats they got.’

However, Jatiya Party Chairman GM Kader says that the party is still popular. The government-controlled media is spreading deliberate misinformation about the party. He said, ‘The election was under the control of the government. Wherever the government wanted to make it fair, it made it fair. He didn’t do it where he didn’t want to. Where the candidate they want to win, they have taken action in the same way.

Jatiya Party won 12 out of 33 seats in Rangpur in the 9th National Assembly elections. And seven in the tenth parliamentary election. In the 2008 elections, the Jatiya Party won 27 seats under the Awami League-led grand alliance. This time got 11.


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