Home News After ‘Jhumka’ again Muza-Jeffer, there is an Indian DJ too

After ‘Jhumka’ again Muza-Jeffer, there is an Indian DJ too

After ‘Jhumka’ again Muza-Jeffer, there is an Indian DJ too

After the success of ‘Jhumka’ song, Bollywood music producer DJ Sanjoy has produced a new song with Zeffer and Muza. Their new song titled ‘Arale Harale’ was released on Thursday night. Apart from singing, the whole song was made by the three of them together.

Bollywood producer DJ Sanjoy, a son of Bangladesh, came to produce in the Bangladeshi industry for the first time through the song.

He has gained great popularity in USA, India especially Bollywood and Urban Punjabi music genres. Arjit Singh, Guru Randhawa, Sunidhi Chauhan, Janita Gandhi, Benny Dayal, American Idol singer Elliott Yamin, Trevor Holmes, Ash King and others have sung in his productions.

Sanjoy said, “This is my first job in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, many people in the industry are showering me with wishes and congratulations. Hope the song creates a great stir. With the inspiration of this song, there is interest in producing new songs in Bangladesh.

The song was released on a day when Jeffer and Mooza’s ‘Jhumka’ hit 100 million views on YouTube. So excited Jeffer.

He said, “After the success of Jhumka song, I believe that the audience will accept this song as well. This is a joint work of three of our friends. Very organically created. We went to Los Angeles in December last year and finished the song. My collaboration with Muza has been accepted by the audience before. Sanjoy joined this time. The song was released under his production. It also got new dimensions in his performance.”

The song was released on Jeffer’s YouTube channel and Spotify.