Home News After being closed for 8 and a half hours, ferry service has started in Daulatdia-Paturia

After being closed for 8 and a half hours, ferry service has started in Daulatdia-Paturia

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After being closed for 8 and a half hours due to thick fog, ferry service has started on Daulatdia-Paturia route. After the fog cleared, the ferry service started at around 9:30 am on Sunday.

Go to Daulatdia Ferry Ghat at 8 in the morning and see that due to thick fog, nothing can be seen even a little far. As the ferry is closed, half a hundred passenger vehicles and goods trucks are waiting to cross in one kilometer area of ​​the Dhaka-Khulna highway from the zero point of the ghat. Drivers and passengers of stranded vehicles suffer in winter.

Abdullah, a truck driver who left from Jhenaidah, said, ‘If he had come to the ghat 20 minutes earlier, he might not have had to sit all night. Winter has been difficult. What to do now? How can the ferry run if you can’t see anything in the fog?’

Rabeya Paribahan passenger Kamrul Islam said, ‘When I boarded the bus in the morning, I could not see anything in the fog. In the morning, I came to the ghat and found out that the ferry was closed. I have been sitting for two hours.’

Another passenger, Kakli Islam, said, ‘The ferry service will be closed most of the nights in winter due to fog. If the ferry stops, we suffer. For this, a bridge is needed at Daulatdia-Paturia.’

BIWTC Aricha Region Deputy General Manager Shah Md. Khaled Newaz said, “Due to dense fog, the ferry was stopped on this route from 1:00 pm on Saturday to avoid accidents.” At that time 4 ferries got stuck in the middle of the river. Half a hundred vehicles were stuck in the ghat area as the ferry service was stopped. Drivers and passengers suffer. Once the fog clears, the ferry service starts from 9:30 am. There are 17 small and big ferries on this route.

Md. Khaled Newaz also said that when the ferry traffic is normal, the ferries stuck in the middle of the river are crowded at the ghat.


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